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History please!


This command line utility will give you a random page about Canadian history.


First, install node. Then, using the command line (terminal in Mac or Linux, Command Prompt or PowerShell in Windows), type:

npm install -g history-please


You have to use the command line again:

history-please    # Returns a page
--people          # Returns a person
--events        # Returns an event
--trends        # Returns a trend

If you clone the repo on your computer (see below), you can simply run it from the repository directly instead of installing:

$ npm install
$ node bin/history-please.js

(the $ means "command prompt" -- it's not part of the actual command).

You can also try:

$ npm install
$ electron .

in the root cirectory


First, register with Github

Optionally, "fork" this repository by clicking the "fork" button on the top right of this page. (this is sort of the "right" thing to do, but itwill make your life a little bit harder.)

Once you have an account, you can make changes to this repository directly from the Github repository web page. Add historical figures by clicking the Create New File button (top right) to add a new file to the history/people folder: Create New File

Similarly, add events to the history/events folder, and trends to the history/trends folder. Be sure to name the file "" (or "", or "") so that everyone, and also the Github server, knows it's written in Markdown. Speaking of which, you will need to use the markdown syntax:

# Level 1 headline, for titles
## level 2 headline, for outline elements
### maybe you feel like a level 3 headline?
> quote
[link text](link URL)
![image alt text](Image URL "Image Title")
- list item
- another list item 

For more details, check out the Github Markdown cheatsheet

Once you have written a description description to your satisfaction, submit a "pull request" by committing your changes and ticking the "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request" box.

I'll respond with comments and eventually commit the changes, and we can all enjoy them!