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A python based photo booth thing, being developed for a wedding November 2017 - will be running using raspberry pi

Photos are template based and support overlays. You can then take multiple photos and composite them within the template.

Actions of the system are driven from the template. Even the screen prompts used when taking photos.

Fonts Selfietorium ships with the My underwood font, from Tension Type - My underwood is used in the selfietorium screens, and unless this font is installed, will display using a standard helvetica font.


This project uses the Word-wrapped text display module located on the Pygame Code Repository : by David Clark.

While developing the selfitorium hardware, the PieDie was used ( - it was the only GPIO based hardware that I had at the time. A link is here for the relevant GPIO pin numbers

Packaging issues

Packaging is missing templates folder and sample templates, and the boothconfiguration file.

Setting up a raspberry pi based build environment.

  1. Create a projects folder - in this example it is assumed that the project folder is ~/projects - your folder may be different - adjust these instructions as neccesary.
  2. Install the pre-requistes
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-cairo python-lxml python-rsvg python-twitter
    sudo apt-get install python-cups
    sudo apt-get install cups-pdf
    sudo apt-get install python-rpi-gpio
  3. Install the pre-requistes (tweepy) - Currently looking at whether this replaces the python-twitter dependancy
    sudo apt-get install python-tweepy
  4. clone the Selfietorium project into the ~/projects folder
    cd ~/projects
    git clone