Future Plans

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This page will be the host for BennuBot's future plans.

Coming Soon

Anything in this list may come out within the next month or so.


  • More documentation (And update current documentation to not be wrong)
  • Plugin to voice active users and devoice nonactive users (for IRC)


  • Less CPU usage (optional)
  • Remote administration via "remote.py" protocol (maybe /w a GUI)
  • Remote update feature (for main.py too)
  • URL title grabber
  • Modify the loli plugin to work with any Booru site

Mid-Range Future

Anything in this list could show up at any time, maybe a year or longer, maybe a few months.


  • Botnet protocol (Allow bots to communicate with each other for coordinated monitoring / plugin execution)


  • LastFM plugin
  • YouTube searcher
  • Urban dictionary searcher
  • Update mysql_poller.py, it's very outdated and very poorly written (it doesn't even utilize Settings)

Distant Future

The features here will be included in the next major releases.

Major Release 2

  • Mostly written in C or Go (Undecided)