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Presentation of HeySms

I made a small application to send and receive sms on your computer without a specific software. You just have to use your instant messaging client ... Which have to be compatible with Bonjour protocol.

I made this application because my girlfriend send me a lot of sms when I'm working ... Now I can answer her without taking my N900 ...

Feature list

  • Send SMS from your computer (using your bonjour client)
  • Receive SMS on your computer (using your bonjour client)
  • Silent your phone when HeySms starts
  • Use Smssend to send SMS. Usefull if you can't send Sms wih standard method. (You need to install smssend package)
  • Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable
  • Bonjour Bot to control your phone (called 'Controller')
  • Controller will notify you if someone call you (Usefull, if your N900 is in silent mode)
  • Set contact as favorite... This contact will appears in your active contact list at starting ...
  • All your messages/answers are stored in your conversation history...

Controller fonctions

  • help : Show help
  • show : Show current active contact list
  • search : Search a contact in your address book in order to add a contact in your Bonjour contact list
  • add : Add contact to active contact list
  • del : Remove contact from active contact list
  • echo : Just reply your message ...
  • If you have any idea ... I can do it !!!

Mini manual

1 - Launch your instant messaging client on your computer and activate your Bonjour account.

2 - Launch HeySms on your N900

3 - In HeySms select yourself (your Bonjour name) in the Bonjour contact list.

4 - If you are not in the Bonjour contact list, click on reload button ...

5 - Add contact in your active contact list (Menu -> "Add friend")

6 - You will see your friend in the active contact list

7 - Your friend will appears in your Bonjour client on your computer

8 - Write message to your friend (in fact, it send SMS...)

9 - .... Wait answer ....

10 - Receive SMS ...

11 - The message appears on your computer !

12 - Answer ...

Of course, only the selected bonjour contact can send/receive SMS from/to your phone...

Also, all your answers will be store in the N900 history. You will not lost your messages !

Tested with

  • N900 and Pidgin (on Linux)
  • N900 and Empathy (on Linux)
  • N900 and Kopete (on Linux)
  • N900 and Gajim (on Linux)
  • Please talk about you


  • If you use Wifi, your N900 and your computer must be on the same network (subnet)
  • N900 only (If I get N950 or N9, I port it !)


  • 1.6.6-1 : Fix communications with Kopete, Empathy, Pidgin and Gajim
  • 1.6.5-1 : Fix my poor english
  • 1.6.4-1 : Fix call notifier
  • 1.6.3-1 : Fix search contact (Thanks to darodi)
  • 1.6.2-1 : Fix Controller stability
  • 1.6.1-1 : Fix stability
  • 1.6.0-1 : Add controller. You can now control your N900 using Bonjour
  • 1.5.1-1 : Cleaning code
  • 1.5.0-1 : Add option to use USB PC connection
  • 1.4.5-1 : Fix minor bugs


  • Clean bonjour client code (use XMPPPY ???)
  • Improve USB network activation stability
  • Port to N9/N950
  • Silent phone using the Controller
  • Add preference to don't show Yellow Popups
  • Translations
  • .... ???
  • Call forwarding using jingle library ??? ( maybe in version 42 )

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