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Terminal Tools for SilverStripe

Terminal helpers for working with SilverStripe, including, but not limited to:

  • 1-line SilverStripe project setup
  • ssh-based deployment to various environments
  • asset & database sync between all environments (also local)

Installation (& kicking off a new SilverStripe project)

  1. If you're creating a new project, create a new git repository, and clone it locally
  2. Run the following command from your repository root:
git submodule add https://github.com/titledk/ttools-silverstripe.git ttools/silverstripe; ./ttools/silverstripe/install/install-ttools.sh;

NOTE: If you're adding this to an existing project, you'll need to have all SilverStripe files inside of a public directory.


  • Backups - for scheduled offsite backups

Learn more

Blog post on SilverStripe.org, April 2016

Read the blog post about this module for an in-depth review of what you can use it for.

Presentation from StripeCon 2015

Check out the video presentation


The installer installs the following modules for you:


We keep on developing on Terminal Tools.
In order to update to the latest and greatest version, run ./tt and press U (for upgrade).
Alternatively, and on older versions, run ./ttools/core/local/upgrade.sh.

In case you upgrade from older versions it could be that the config.yml structure has changed slightly. Make sure to check out install/install-ttools.sh for the up-to-date structure.


Review dependency management

First thing should be to make it easy to keep things updated. That could still be handled via git submodules, but could also be done via composer, given that SilverStripe requires composer anyway.