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A magic screensaver for Mac OSX, a lot of fun. Built-in more than 30 screensavers.
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A magic screensaver, a lot of fun. You can also customize your own screensaver.

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iScreenSaver - A Screensaver for Mac OSX 10.8+

A magic screensaver, a lot of fun. Built-in More than 30 screensaver. You can also customized your own screensaver. [中文说明点击这里]

Screensaver settings

Installation on Mac OSX

  1. Download the Latest release (
  2. Unzip the downloaded file.
  3. Open the iScreenSaver.saver and install it.
  4. Open up System Preferences > Desktop and Screensaver > Screensaver
  5. Select "iScreenSaver" (It'll be at the bottom of the Screensavers list.) and press Screensaver Options and choose your favorite screensaver! Or you can also customize your own screensaver.

Video instructions

  • iScreenSaver: sourcecode files of [ CodePen ] merge tool instruction


Picture instructions - Some of the screenshots

[Square lightning]




[Lonely moon]






[Yellow Square]







  • Auto Load Latest Screensaver: The author will update as many screensavers as possible.
  • Customized You Own Screensaver: If you've got some amazing HTML / URL / JAVASCRIPT, you can use it as a screensaver.

Costom saver Costom saver


Based on Mac OSX 10.8+


Can't insalling iScreenSaver? Error

Please try open up System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Open Anyway.

Some screensaver all black?

Please wait a few seconds to load some necessary javascript file.

May I found some other amazing html file?

Please enter this page to communicate together, or enter CodePen search for your favorite animation.

What is it principle?

iScreenSaver load the html file using the deep optimization WebView, high performance and the number of frames have safeguard.


  • Find a bug? Open an issue. Try to be as specific as possible.
  • Have a feature request Open an issue. Tell me why this feature would be useful, and why you and others would want it.

Change log

  • May 27th, 2017 - 1.04: Local screensaver editor support.
  • May 23th, 2017 - 1.03: First release.


If your legal right has been infringed, contact me please.

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