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Sleep: reduce FPS when no activity is detected.
Temporary solution to sleep any PyMT application if nobody touch the screen.
This could have a bad impact when reading video or audio. It's not suitable for
everyone, it's just a temporary solution.
Sleep module check every frame if they are any touches activities. When no
activity is made from an amount of time, sleep module will introduce a sleep()
call after each frame renderer. More the sleep will be high, more the FPS will
decrease, more your CPU will be not used.
Sleep module need 2 lists: ramp and sleep. For example ::
sleep = ramp=5:10:20:30:60:180,sleep=.03:.1:.2:.5:1.:5.
For a ramp of 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 50s, 180s, the sleep time will be .03s, .1s,
.2s, .5s, 1., 5.
With this default ramp/sleep, after 5s of inactivity, FPS will be 1/0.03 =
33 FPS. After 10s, FPS will be 1/.1 = 10 FPS...
During the sleep phase, touch cannot wake up the module. But the module will be
from pymt.logger import pymt_logger
from time import time, sleep
class Sleep(object):
def __init__(self, config, win):
super(Sleep, self).__init__()
self.timer_no_activity = time() = win
self.step = -1
# take configuration
ramp = config.get('ramp').split(':')
sleep = config.get('sleep').split(':')
if len(ramp) != len(sleep):
raise ValueError('Sleep: Invalid ramp/sleep: list size is not the same')
self.ramp = map(float, ramp)
self.sleep = map(float, sleep)
pymt_logger.debug('Sleep: ramp is %s' % str(self.ramp))
pymt_logger.debug('Sleep: sleep is %s' % str(self.sleep))
def start(self):
win =
win.connect('on_touch_down', self.got_activity)
win.connect('on_touch_move', self.got_activity)
win.connect('on_touch_up', self.got_activity)
win.connect('on_flip', self.do_check)
def stop(self):
win =
win.remove_handler('on_touch_down', self.got_activity)
win.remove_handler('on_touch_move', self.got_activity)
win.remove_handler('on_touch_up', self.got_activity)
win.remove_handler('on_flip', self.do_check)
def got_activity(self, *largs, **kwargs):
self.timer_no_activity = time()
def do_check(self, *largs, **kwargs):
timer = time() - self.timer_no_activity
step = -1
for x in self.ramp:
if timer >= x:
step += 1
if self.step != step:
if step == -1:'Sleep: activity detected, wake up.')
else:'Sleep: %ds inactivity detected. Reduce FPS to '
'%.4f' % (self.ramp[step], 1. / float(self.sleep[step])))
self.step = step
if step >= 0:
def start(win, ctx):
ctx.config.setdefault('ramp', '5:10:20:30:60:180')
ctx.config.setdefault('sleep', '.03:.1:.2:.5:1.:5.')
ctx.sleep = Sleep(ctx.config, win)
def stop(win, ctx):
del ctx.sleep