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Dictionaries for Sublime Text

The following repository contains some UTF8-ready dictionaries for the spell checker feature of Sublime Text.

Most of them were downloaded from the Open Office list. Credits to the people working on these! Read every LANG.txt for details.

Language List

  • Arabic
  • Armenian (Eastern)
  • Armenian (Western)
  • Català -- Catalan
  • Dansk -- Danish
  • Deutsch (AT) -- German
  • Deutsch (CH) -- German
  • Deutsch (DE) -- German
  • Deutsch -- German
  • Eesti -- Estonian
  • English (American)
  • English (Australian)
  • English (British)
  • English (Canadian)
  • English (South African)
  • Español -- Spanish
  • Euskara -- Basque
  • Français -- French (There is a special package for this language you may want to check here)
  • Galego -- Galician
  • Hrvatski -- Croatian
  • Indonesia
  • Íslenska -- Icelandic
  • Italiano -- Italian
  • Latin
  • Latvijas -- Latvian
  • Lëtzebuergesch -- Luxembourgish
  • Lietuvių -- Lithuanian
  • Magyar -- Hungarian
  • Malays -- Malaysian
  • Nederlands -- Dutch
  • Norsk (Bokmål) -- Norwegian
  • Norsk (Nynorsk) -- Norwegian
  • Polski -- Polish
  • Português (Brasileiro) -- Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Português (Europeu - Antes do Acordo Ortográfico de 1990) -- Portuguese (European - Before the Ortographic Agreement of 1990)
  • Português (Europeu) -- Portuguese (European)
  • Română -- Romanian
  • Slovenčina -- Slovak
  • Slovenščina -- Slovenian
  • Srpski (Latinica) -- Serbian (Latin)
  • Srpski (Ćirilica) -- Serbian (Cyrillic)
  • Svenska -- Swedish
  • Tiếng Việt -- Vietnamese
  • Toki Pona -- toki pona
  • Türkçe -- Turkish
  • Čeština -- Czech
  • Ελληνικά -- Greek
  • Беларуская -- Belarusian (Official)
  • български -- Bulgarian
  • Монгол -- Mongolian
  • Русский -- Russian
  • Українська -- Ukrainian
  • فارسی -- Persian


Since installing a new language requires some non easy procedures, the idea is to collect the dictionaries ready for use here.

Today, this contains a list of some languages. The idea is to extend the list with help from the community.

Adding a new language

My primary language is Spanish, so I'm not sure of the state and quality of the different languages added here.

Please, if you find a better dictionary or something to improve, your change will be welcome.

To add a new language:

  • Download the language file from the OpenOffice extensions page.
  • Rename the .oxt file to .zip and unzip the file
  • Look for three files: "lang.aff", "lang.dic" and "readme_lang.txt" (or something similar)
  • Change the encoding
    • Open the "lang.aff" to check the encoding used. Such the line: "SET ISO-8859-1"
    • Convert that file to UTF-8 from the used encoding
    • Convert "lang.dic" to UTF-8 from the used encoding.
    • Convert "readme_lang.txt" to UTF-8 from the used encoding.
    • Change "SET ISO-8859-1" to "SET UTF-8"
  • Copy "readme_lang.txt" to "lang.txt"
  • Copy these three files to this repository
  • Update the language list above in this file, add yourself to the credits section (keep alphabetical order!)
  • Open a pull request to help improve this package! Thank you.

Iconv and Encodings

Iconv may be used to convert a file to UTF-8 from another encoding. For example:

iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 en_CA.aff > en_CA_utf8.aff

You can use the file command to check an encoding:

file -bi en_CA_utf8.aff

Example output:

text/plain; charset=utf-8

Note that us-ascii might be reported if there are no unicode (utf-8) characters present in the file.


  • @SteveClement
  • Adam Retter
  • Adam St. John
  • Aitor Carlos Urrutia Aranburu
  • Aksel Meola
  • Alexandr Zhevedenko
  • Andrej Kvasnica
  • Björgvin Ragnarsson @nifgraup
  • Chris---
  • Deni Setiawan
  • Domingues
  • Edward Villegas-Pulgarin (@cosmoscalibur)
  • Einar Ólafsson @einsiol
  • Fakhrullah Padzil
  • Florian Morgan
  • gw0
  • Hadi @hadisfr
  • Haoliang Yu
  • Hayk Karapetyan
  • Jack Cuthbert
  • Jacob Bundgaard
  • Jonas Follesø
  • Kalman Kemenczy
  • Lyubomir Vezev
  • Maksim Norkin
  • Marcos Chavarría Teijeiro
  • Max @ulidtko
  • Mehmet Ali Gozaydin @kubudik
  • @MicroDroid
  • @michaelwittmann
  • Mladen Mihajlović @mika76
  • MrTux
  • Nick Wilde
  • Nicolás Vaughan
  • Pedro Chambino
  • Petr Dvořák
  • Roland Richter
  • Simon Myunggun Seo
  • Thomas Feldmann
  • Valery Kocubinsky
  • Zeljko Babic
  • Aliaksiej Homza @GomZik
  • @increpare


  1. Locate Sublime Text Package folder (Preferences > Browse Packages). For Linux, it's likely at ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages
  2. Download and unzip, or clone the contents of this repository, into this folder (Packages)
  3. Rename the folder in a more suitable name, ex: "Dictionaries" ~/.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/Dictionaries (warning: there must not be any sub-folder in this folder, depending on your unzipping software, you might need to move files to the parent folder)
  4. Choose the language (View > Dictionaries > English (British))
  5. Be sure spelling is activated (F6 / View > Spell Check)
  6. You are done!


Sublime Text uses Hunspell for its spell checking support.


Hunspell UTF8 dictionaries. These work with Sublime Text. [Spell check]



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