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Sidebar Enhancements


Provides enhancements to the operations on Sidebar of Files and Folders for Sublime Text.

Notably provides delete as "move to trash", open with.. and a clipboard.

Close, move, open and restore buffers affected by a rename/move command. (even on folders)

New file/folder, edit, open/run, reveal, find in selected/parent/project, cut, copy, paste, paste in parent, rename, move, delete, refresh....

Copy paths as URIs, URLs, content as UTF8, content as data:uri base64 ( nice for embedding into CSS! ), copy as tags img/a/script/style, duplicate

Preference to control if a buffer should be closed when affected by a deletion operation.

Allows to display "file modified date" and "file size" on statusbar (may be a bit buggy).

To get rid of the stock ST menuitems create two empty files on "Preferences -> Browse Packages"

  • Default/Side Bar Mount Point.sublime-menu
  • Default/Side Bar.sublime-menu


Download or clone the contents of this repository to a folder named exactly as the package name into the Packages/ folder of ST.

Troubleshooting Installation:

  • First please note this package only adds a context menu to the "Folders" section and not to the "Open Files" section.
  • Open the package folder. Main menu -> Preferences -> Browse Packages.
  • Close Sublime Text.
  • Remove the folder "Packages/SideBarEnhancements"
  • Remove the folder "User/SideBarEnhancements"
  • Navigate one folder up, to "Installed Packages/", check for any instance of SideBarEnhancements and remove it.
  • Open ST, with Package Control go to : Remove Package, check for any instance of SideBarEnhancements and remove it.
  • Restart ST
  • Open ST, check if there is any entry about SideBarEnhancements in Package Control(in sections: "Remove Package" and just in case in "Enable Package")
  • Repeat until you find there no entry about SideBarEnhancements
  • Restart ST
  • Install it.
  • It works

F12 key

(Please note that from version 2.122104 this package no longer provides the key, you need to manually add it to your sublime-keymap file (see next section))

F12 key allows you to open the current file in browser.

url_testing allows you to set the url of your local server, opened via F12

url_production allows you to set the url of your production server, opened via ALT+F12

With absolute paths

  • Right click any file on sidebar and select: "Project -> Edit Projects Preview URLs"
  • Edit this file, and add your paths and URLs with the following structure:

With relative paths

Imagine we have a project with the following structure

Project/ < - root project folder
Project/public/ < - the folder we want to load as "http://localhost/"
Project/experimental/ < - other folder we may run as experimental/test in another url "http://experimental/"

Then we create configuration file:


with content:



You can create config files some/folder/.sublime/SideBarEnhancements.json anywhere.

F12 key conflict

On Sublime Text 3 F12 key is bound to "goto_definition" command by default. This package was conflicting with that key, this no longers happens. You need to manually add the keys now: Go to Preferences -> Package Settings -> Side Bar -> Key Bindings - User and add any of the following:

		{ "keys": ["f12"],
			"command": "side_bar_open_in_browser" ,
			"args":{"paths":[], "type":"testing", "browser":""}
		{ "keys": ["alt+f12"],
			"command": "side_bar_open_in_browser",
			"args":{"paths":[], "type":"production", "browser":""}
			"keys": ["ctrl+t"],
			"command": "side_bar_new_file2"
			"keys": ["f2"],
			"command": "side_bar_rename"

Keybinding for Find in paths:

You may wish to add a key for opening "find in paths.."

		"keys": ["f10"],
		"id": "side-bar-find-files",
		"command": "side_bar_find_files_path_containing",
		"args": {
			"paths": []

Notes on configuring the Open With menu:

Definitions file: User/SideBarEnhancements/Open With/Side Bar.sublime-menu (note the extra subfolder levels). To open it, right-click on any file in an open project and select Open With > Edit Applications...

  • On OSX, the 'application' property simply takes the name of an application, to which the file at hand's full path will be passed as if with open ..., e.g.: "application": "Google Chrome"
  • On OSX, invoking shell commands is NOT supported.
  • You should change Caption and id of the menu item to be unique.
//application 1
	"caption": "Photoshop",
	"id": "side-bar-files-open-with-photoshop",
	"command": "side_bar_files_open_with",
	"args": {
		"paths": [],
		"application": "Adobe Photoshop", // OSX
		"extensions":"psd|png|jpg|jpeg",  //any file with these extensions

Vars on "args" param

  • $PATH - The full path to the current file, "C:\Files\Chapter1.txt"
  • $PROJECT - The root directory of the current project.
  • $DIRNAME - The directory of the current file, "C:\Files"
  • $NAME - The name portion of the current file, "Chapter1.txt"
  • $NAME_NO_EXTENSION - The name portion of the current file without the extension, "Chapter1"
  • $EXTENSION - The extension portion of the current file, "txt"

Using the External Libraries

(check each license in project pages)


Forum Thread


Thank you so much!

Aleksandar Urosevic, bofm, Dalibor Simacek, Devin Rhode, Eric Eldredge, Hewei Liu, Jeremy Gailor, Joao Antunes, Leif Ringstad, MauriceZ, Nick Zaccardi, Patrik Göthe, Peder Langdal, Randy Lai, Raphael DDL Oliveira, robwala, Stephen Horne, Sven Axelsson, Till Theis, Todd Wolfson, Tyler Thrailkill, Yaroslav Admin


"None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Copyright (C) 2014-2022 Tito Bouzout

This license apply to all the files inside this program unless noted different for some files or portions of code inside these files.

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see

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Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.






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