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Uninstalling breaks Sublime Text's contextual menu #113

taoeffect opened this Issue · 6 comments

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This issue has already been covered in Issue #18, along with how to fix it. @titoBouzout said he would add a note with a link to that issue to the Readme, but never did. This happens with both branches of SideBarEnhancements (at least on SBT2).

This should really be address in big bold letters in the readme!


I did but then, ST3 went out, and I deprecate the ST2 code,making a change to the readme file that throw everything there.
The bug you are mentioning has been fixed for ST3. Then, I'm closing. People should use ST3
The instructions are in the linked issue.


Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring to this statement of yours:

I'll link to this thread from the file.

I don't see a link anywhere in the file. Not everyone has switched over to ST3 yet because many plugins don't work with it.


Don't worry, I removed the problematic code of ST2. 8524b58

If you need help restoring the context menu, please ask in #18



Thanks, I'm OK, I figured it out, was just concerned others might run into the same problems with ST2 and not know what to do.

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