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Can't install SideBarEnhancements from ST2 PackageControl #172

testto opened this Issue Feb 5, 2014 · 14 comments
testto commented Feb 5, 2014

I was trying to install SideBarEnhancements on my new computer with ST2.
But I couldn't find it on PackageControl install list. I noticed that SideBarEnhancements is not recommended install manually. I wonder is there anything wrong with wbond or github, Thanks.


Yes, it no longers supports nor provides a ST2 compatible version, consider jumping to ST3 via or , you may need a license for the lastone

if you insists, or someone else, here have a zip with the latest ST2 compatible version, just unpack to Packages/SideBarEnhancements/ .. such Packages/SideBarEnhancements/

Good luck! unsubscribing..

testto commented Feb 5, 2014

Cool` It is working!
Thank you for all your hard work on SideBarEnhancements!

@testto testto closed this Feb 5, 2014

Let's keep it open so people read this :P You are welcome!

@titoBouzout titoBouzout reopened this Feb 5, 2014

Thanks a lot :D

pille72 commented Feb 7, 2014

thanks for the .zip ;)

GeeTee commented Feb 10, 2014

thanks for zip, woks fin on st2



What about link the .zip in README? Its good for anyone that is not very confortable with some bugs in ST 3 (like me) (without the need to go into the issues list of this project, for example)


+1 to throwing the .zip into the readme.

rohicks commented Feb 25, 2014

Thanks @titoBouzout just upgraded to ST3 and all works fine now.

twolfson commented Mar 4, 2014

Wrote some commands to perform a git clone to a stable ST2 ref. These should be run sequentially in the Sublime Terminal (ctrl+`)

import os; path=sublime.packages_path(); (os.makedirs(path) if not os.path.exists(path) else None); window.run_command('exec', {'cmd': ['git', 'clone', '', 'SideBarEnhancements'], 'working_dir': path})

import os; path=sublime.packages_path(); window.run_command('exec', {'cmd': ['git', 'checkout', '37429739a0452a2dc36343fb7875ba7fcbeb88a9'], 'working_dir': os.path.join(path, 'SideBarEnhancements')})

Thanks for the commands to install via ST2 terminal. Worked perfectly for me.

@eudennis eudennis referenced this issue in NoxArt/SublimeText2-FTPSync Mar 28, 2014

Won't download all files #147


Thank you for the commands @twolfson


Thanks a lot! 👍

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