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Fallback to system default browser #92

daurnimator opened this Issue · 6 comments

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If a browser is not specified in config or cannot be found, the system default should be used.

On linux this just involved running xdg-open
On windows just run start


good idea

@titoBouzout titoBouzout referenced this issue from a commit
@titoBouzout Semi fixes #92 ad48ceb

kinda added the required stuff, but it does not work in my windows machine.


What happens? I don't have windows easily available to test.


There are 2 caveats with start:

It's not a separate executable, so you need cmd /c to invoke it
If you need to double-quote the URL (some URLs, such as those containing & would otherwise break the command), you need an extra parameter before the URL - "".

In short, you'll need to launch the equivalent of something like:

cmd /c start "" ""


Couldn't translate the above into the array-based method of invoking subprocess.Popen().
The string-scalar approach works, however, on both Python 2.7.4 and 3.3.1:

subprocess.Popen('cmd /c start "" "' + url + '"')


It works, thank you!

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