Docker image to run Juniper tools in a continuous integration environment
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Docker image to run continuous integration with Junos

This docker image is a basic image based on Linux Alpine with all comon tools used in a Juniper environment. It provides following libraiies and tools:

  • Ansible (version 2.4.2)
  • Ansible module for Junos (even if Junos is part of core modules now)
  • Junos-eznc
  • git
  • curl / wget
  • Openssh client

Main goal is to build a container with a low footprint. Thus, this container can be spawn to execute your CI with all Junos scripts


Container is automatically publish on docker hub at the following address

docker pull titom73/ci-docker-juniper


  • latest: based on linux Alpine 3.5
  • dev: Dev version. Use at your own risk


  1. Build image from github:
git clone
cd ci-docker-juniper
docker build -t ci-junos .
  1. Pull image from Docker Hub:
docker run -i -t titom73/ci-docker-juniper /bin/ash
  1. Expose local directory to your container:
docker run -v /path/to/your/data:/builds -i -t titom73/ci-docker-juniper /bin/ash

Todo list

  • Add support of JSNAPy


  • Fork the current repo;
  • Ensure that your intended changes work as they're supposed to;
  • Ship a pull request if you wish to have it reviewed!