A Symfony 1 plugin to use a database backend for translations instead of xliff files
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symfony 1.4[1] plugin that adds MySQL support for internationalization instead of XLIFF files


  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin:install tmcI18nPlugin (deprecated)

    or git clone https://github.com/titomiguelcosta/tmcI18nPlugin.git plugins (recommended)

  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php in case it isn't already active

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Rebuild your model (in case you do not use migrations)

    symfony doctrine:build-model
    symfony doctrine:build-forms
    symfony doctrine:build-filters
    symfony doctrine:build-sql
  • Update you database tables by starting from scratch (it will delete all the existing tables, then re-creates them):

    symfony doctrine:insert-sql

    or do everything with one command

    symfony doctrine:build --all
  • Enable the modules in your settings.yml (optional)

    • For your backend application: transunit and transunit

    • Note: these modules make use of the plugin tmcTwitterBootstrapPlugin, if you do not want to install, feel free to generate new modules with the task doctrine:generate-admin

              enabled_modules:      [default, catalogue, transunit, ...]
    • Check the address http://your_host/catalogue and http://your_host/translation

  • Edit factories.yml on the application config folder to use MySQL instead of XLIFF

                source:               tmcMySQL
                database:             mysql://username:password@hostname/database
                debug:                false
                untranslated_prefix:  "[T]"
                untranslated_suffix:  "[/T]"
  • Clear you cache

    php symfony cc


There is a task to extract the i18n strings. The task extends the native i18n:extract with an extra option named --catalogue, overcoming the limitation of xliff files, that only the messages catalogue is used. If it doesn't exist the refered catalogue, it is created.

  • Example:

    php symfony tmcI18n:extract --auto-save --catalogue=forms frontend pt


  • when adding a new catalgoue, name must specify the culture, for instance: messages.pt

  • in case css files are not loaded, publish assets runnig the task $php symfony plugin:publish-assets

  • don't forget to edit the dsn configuration for the database connection in the factories.yml

  • don't forget to enable i18n in the settings.yml file of your config application folder all: .settings: i18n: true


  • Offer the possibility to automatically translate with google translation

  • make it database independent