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A Chaos Monkey system for Docker Swarm
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A Chaos Monkey system for Docker Swarm.

Original ChaosMonkey Logo

Implemented for the book 12 Factor Applications with Docker and Go.

Creating a disposable service

Creating a disposable service is as simple as adding a label role=disposable.

For example:

docker service create -l role=disposable --name gotwitter titpetric/gotwitter


When running you can set two environment variables:

  • DOCKER_LABEL - "key=value" label that services must have to be killed off
  • SKIP_WARNING=1 - skip initial warning


  • If the service has only 1 replica (1/1), a container will not be killed.
  • If the service has incomplete replicas (4/5), a container will not be killed.
  • If no containers are running on the current host, no containers will be killed.
  • Only one container per service is killed if the above conditions are met.



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