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New bootstrap for faster sync

If you want to sync the blockchain faster, you will need to do the following:

On Windows, Go to "AppData" then open TittieCoin.
(To find your AppData folder - Press the Windows key and R, then type in AppData and hit Enter.

On Mac, the path should be "~/Library/App Support/TittieCoin

Next steps

*Now you need to delete everything but the wallet.dat in the TittieCoin folder.
  • Then place the bootstrap file into the TittieCoin folder I just explained how to get to.
  • Start the new wallet by double-clicking on tittiecoin-qt.exe.
  • Let it sync ( You will not see the wallet until it is done syncing)

Once you launch the qt it will not show the wallet until the bootstrap has furnished building the blockchain.
This process can take 2 to 4hrs depending on computer specs, before the actual wallet loads so give it time.

Enjoy :)