Python Abstract Syntax Tree viewer in Qt
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Graphical User Interface for viewing Python Abstract Syntax Trees.

astviewer screen shot


First install PyQt or PySide

AstViewer automatically detects which Qt bindings are installed. If both bindings are installed it prefers PyQt over PySide. You can force AstViewer to use a certain binding by setting the QT_API environment variable to pyqt5, pyqt4, or pyside.

Then install AstViewer with:

%> pip install astviewer

or use the installer:

%> python install


Command line example:

%> pyastviewer

Examples to use from within Python:

    >>> from astviewer.main import view
    >>> view(file_name='')
    >>> view(source_code = 'a + 3', mode='eval')

Further links:

The Green Tree Snakes documentation on ASTs is available for those who find the Python ast module documentation too brief.