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#inserts tabs and newlines in xml to make it readable
import re
import sys
def tab(t):
return t*"\t"
def indent(s,f,t):
while s is not "": #there could be open close pairs on the same indentation level, all need to be processed ()()()
m=re.match(r"(<([^<>]*)( [^<>]*)*>)(.*)(</\2>)(.*)",s) #ex (<(tag)( attribute="a b")>) (everything here will be processed recursively)(</tag>)(the rest will be processed in the next iteration of the while loop)
if m is not None: #if matching was succesful
f(tab(t) #print the current number of tabs, and the group (<(tag)( attribute="a b")>)
indent(,f,t+1)#recursively process the inner tags, with the indentation incremented
f(tab(t) #print current number of tabs, and the closing (</tag>) group #the string for the next while iteration is the last group
else: #if previous match not successful
m=re.match(r"(<[^<>]*>)(.*)",s)#try to match single element (<tag>)(other elements that will be processed on the next while iteration)
if m is not None: #if match was successful
f(tab(t) #print current number of tabs, and (<tag>) #remaining group will be processed in the next while iteration
else: #if no matching worked
if s is not "": #if there is something in s
f(tab(t)+s) #print it
s="" #while loop will exit after this
if __name__=="__main__":
if sys.argv>1: #if there is a command line argument
f=open(sys.argv[1],'r') #open the file specified in the command line for reading
s=''.join('\n')) #read everything from the file, split the content at newlines and put all the lines in a list, join the lines with ''
#this actually removes all newlines from the string
f=open("output",'w') #open a file for output
fu=lambda x:f.write(x+"\n") #f here is a function that takes one parameter and writes to a file, appending newline to the end of the string x
else: #if there is no command line argument
s="<Missing argument></Missing argument>" #create a test string
fu=lambda x:sys.stdout.write(x+"\n") #create a function fu that writes to standard output
indent(s,fu,0) #send the string to the recursive function, the printing function, and the current indentation