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File is walked but then later removed and never re-walked #522

stffrd opened this issue Oct 12, 2018 · 1 comment


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commented Oct 12, 2018

I'm currently running into an issue in @modular-css/svelte where a file of mine is being walked, but then removed due to having been seen in the processor in svelte/src/markup.js. It looks like the processor already contains my file, and as a result, the file (and its dependencies) are removed from the processor files cache.

Here's the code that gives me a problem:

 // Remove any files that've already been encountered, they should be re-processed
    if(external in processor.files) {
        [ ...processor.dependents(external), external ].forEach((file) => processor.remove(file));

... At what point do the files get re-processed? because it looks to me like each file is walked once, its dependencies all inspected on its walking, and then THAT'S IT. This looks like code that just nixes a file entirely if nothing else references it as a dependency?

My file situation is as follows:

  • we'll call the file this problem is occuring in file A
  • file A has a single :external selector reference to file B
  • file B has several :external selector references to a third, more shared file, file C

This doesn't seem too weird to me here, but I thought it was useful to include what the dep graph might look like.

In my various debugging attempts, I did a lot of in-module console logging.

  • I'm able to see file A get processed
  • Since file B is a dependency, I see file B get processed.
  • At some point, the code above in markup.js is hit, and the processor contains file A, so file A and its dependency file B are removed
  • Later on, file B is walked and included in the processor again (probably just as a top level glob walk)
  • file A is never added to the processor again and never makes it to the output.
  • I receive a Node does not exist error.

Here's a stacktrace:

[!] (@modular-css/rollup plugin) Error: Node does not exist: ...\a.css
Error: Node does not exist: ...\a.css
    at DepGraph.dependenciesOf (...\node_modules\dependency-graph\lib\dep_graph.js:187:13)
    at Processor.dependencies (...\node_modules\@modular-css\processor\processor.js:204:32)
    at css.forEach (...\node_modules\@modular-css\rollup\rollup.js:150:38)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Object.entries.forEach (...\node_modules\@modular-css\rollup\rollup.js:148:21)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Object.generateBundle (...\node_modules\@modular-css\rollup\rollup.js:136:37)
    at ...\node_modules\rollup\dist\rollup.js:20853:25
    at <anonymous>

If I comment out the removal code, this error goes away and things seem to work as intended, but I'm not 100% sure what the side effects are of eliminating that chunk of code happen to be.

Let me know if you need any more information!

@tivac tivac self-assigned this Oct 12, 2018


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commented Oct 12, 2018

That functionality was added in #463 as a fix for #462 , but I have no further information about where the need for this came from.

I think a better approach would be to not remove files by default, and instead only remove them if you pass a clean option or something. Seems like it would let both use-cases coexist peacefully w/o bothering each other?

@tivac tivac changed the title File is walked but then later removed and never re-walked (Svelte)? File is walked but then later removed and never re-walked Oct 13, 2018

tivac added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 15, 2018

tivac added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 22, 2018

feat: add "clean" option to svelte
Brings back the old behavior of dumping file + dependents if re-processing. Not sure it's necessary but that seems safer than fully removing atm.

See #522 for why the previous behavior wasn't ideal.

@tivac tivac closed this in a6e3ee6 Oct 22, 2018

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