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beautifultom - A port of Beautiful Jekyll/Hugo Theme

![beautiful tom Screenshot] (

BUT ... this is where the similarity ends


$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone beautifultom

See the Hugo documentation for more information.


I'm not very good at HTML and CSS are you? If you are a front-end wizard [or novice wizard :) ] I'd love you help!

  1. HTTPS support, not sure if this is theme level or Hugo.
  2. Colors, these are hardcoded in CSS, would be great to be in config.toml
  3. Avatar and logo shapes - currently just hexagons

Extra Features - Will be expanding on all these shortly!

  1. Favicon + Avatar + Logo on the Right
  • the location can be set in the config.toml and will be used now
  1. Colors!
  2. Shape options for you portrait
  • updated to be a hexagon, will be add others
  1. Expanding header and footers
  2. Blogs, Pages, Sections!
  • Sections! If you set your blog categories, these pages will index blogs. Currently the value is hard coded in the template. Will be updating the Go Tempalating to grab the url and use this to filter posts.


This theme is designed to look great on both large-screen and small-screen (mobile) devices.

Syntax highlighting

This theme has support for highlight shortcode (with Pygments), see the Hugo documentation for more information.

To use this feature install Pygments (pip install Pygments) and add pygmentsuseclasses = true to your config.toml.

Disqus support

To use this feature, uncomment and fill out the disqusShortname parameter in config.toml.

Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics, simply sign up to Google Analytics to obtain your Google Tracking ID, and add this tracking ID to the googleAnalytics parameter in config.toml.


This is a serious rework of the Jekyll theme port Beautiful Jekyll by Thomas Tiveron. It supports most of the features of the original theme.


MIT Licensed, see My LICENSE