Pythod Cached Decorator providing caching for functions
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Python Cached Decorator

MIT license

Provides caching for functions

  • Suitable for time consuming computations
  • How does it work:
    • First run = run
    • Second run = load result
  • Stores result in pickle
  • Checks if function args matches
  • Always use newest result


from Cached import Cached

# possible params: Cached(force_run=False, output_path="cached_data", name="")
def func(arg):
    return arg

print fun(5)


All options are optional

  • force_run [True/False] Do not use cached result
  • output_path [String] default=cached_data in script path, /tmp is a good idea
  • name [String] default=function name, force function name - used for store and load


Feel free to contribute.

Copyright and License

© 2015 Vít Listík, Michal Bukovský

Released under MIT licence