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sound fixes for 4.1-rc1
Here are a few fixes that have been pending since the previous pull
request: a regression fix for HD-audio multiple SPDIF / HDMI devices,
several ALC256 codec fixes, a couple of i915 HDMI audio fixes, and
various small fixes.

Nothing exciting, just boring, but things good to have.


sound updates for 4.1-rc1
There have been major modernization with the standard bus: in ALSA
sequencer core and HD-audio.  Also, HD-audio receives the regmap
support replacing the in-house cache register cache code.  These
changes shouldn't impact the existing behavior, but rather

In addition, HD-audio got the code split to a core library part and
the "legacy" driver parts.  This is a preliminary work for adapting
the upcoming ASoC HD-audio driver, and the whole transition is still
work in progress, likely finished in 4.1.

Along with them, there are many updates in ASoC area as usual, too:
lots of cleanups, Intel code shuffling, etc.

Here are some highlights:

ALSA core:
- PCM: the audio timestamp / wallclock enhancement
- PCM: fixes in DPCM management
- Fixes / cleanups of user-space control element management
- Sequencer: modernization using the standard bus

- Modernization using the standard bus
- Regmap support
- Use standard runtime PM for codec power saving
- Widget-path based power-saving for IDT, VIA and Realtek codecs
- Reorganized sysfs entries for each codec object
- More Dell headset support

- Move of jack registration to the card level
- Lots of ASoC cleanups, mainly moving things from the CODEC level
  to the card level
- Support for DAPM routes specified by both the machine driver and DT
- Continuing improvements to rcar
- pcm512x enhacements
- Intel platforms updates
- rt5670 updates / fixes
- New platforms / devices: some non-DSP Qualcomm platforms, Google's
  Storm platform, Maxmim MAX98925 CODECs and the Ingenic JZ4780 SoC

- ice1724: Improved ESI W192M support
- emu10k1: Emu 1010 fixes/enhancement


sound fixes for 4.0
Here are fixes gathered for 4.0-final; one FireFire endian fix, two
USB-audio quirks, and three HD-audio quirks.

All relatively small and device-specific fixes, should be pretty safe
to apply.


sound fixes for 4.0-rc6
Three trivial oneliner fixes for HD-audio.  Two are device-specific
quirks while one is a generic fix for recent Realtek codecs.


sound fixes for 4.0-rc5
This is a collection of many small fixes.  Most of fixes are for ASoC
drivers, including the fixes of wrong field usages for boolean kctls.

In addition, there is a fix in ASoC core for adding proper locks for
component lists, and a fix for a HD-audio regression by the previous
mono channel fix.
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