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Upgrade to 0.2

Upgrade to 0.2

If you are migrating from the "one big file" version of to the .2 version, you have to make some changes to your code.

Downloading 0.2

From the command line, cd to the directory you wish to install and run the following command:

svn export 

Remove and web.pyc from the loadpath.

Most importantly, upvars() was removed. We have to change the run line from:

if __name__ == '__main__':


if __name__ == "__main__":, globals())


If you use a db, change web.db_parameters and web.db_printing to web.config.db_paramters and web.config.db_printing respectively.

debugging 0.1:

web.internalerror = web.debugerror
if __name__ == '__main__':, web.reloader) 0.2

web.webapi.internalerror = web.debugerror
if __name__ == "__main__":, globals(), web.reloader)

fastcgi with apache 0.1:

web.runwsgi = web.runfcgi 0.2:

def runfcgi_apache(func):
  web.wsgi.runfcgi(func, None)

web.wsgi.runwsgi = runfcgi_apache