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BSDF plotting scripts
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This repository contains simple Python scripts to create nice looking BSDF plots.


Plots are designed to visualize the outgoing domain of a BSDF, parameterized via spherical coordinates (theta from 0 - 180˚ and phi from 0 - 360˚), for a fixed incident direction. The expected data format is a 2d NumPy array of shape [theta_res, phi_res].

Some example data for microfacet conductors and dielectrics at various incident directions is provided as well.

All plotting is handled by matplotlib.

Polar plots

A clear and intuitive visualization type is the polar plot which focuses on either the upper or lower hemisphere for displaying BRDF or BTDF data respectively. There is additional support to mark incident direction or azimuthal rotation around the surface normal to help with anisotropic materials.


Latlong plots

The underlying data can also be directly visualized in a latlong plot over spherical coordinates.


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