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Tizonia packaged as a Snap
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Snap Status

Tizonia Snap

A 'snap' package is now available for download from the snap store ('stable' channel). To install, make sure you have snapd installed on your system. Once 'snapd' is available, use this command to install Tizonia:

$ sudo snap install tizonia


To use Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, and Dirble, introduce your credentials in Tizonia's config file (see instructions inside the file for more information):

    $ mkdir -p $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia
    $ cp /var/lib/snapd/snap/tizonia/current/etc/xdg/tizonia/tizonia.conf $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia

    ( now edit $HOME/snap/tizonia/current/.config/tizonia )


The Snapcraft build service is being used to produce automated builds of the Tizonia snap for 'amd64', 'i386', and 'armhf'. However, to build the snap package locally, the 'cleanbuild' method can be used.

# Install lxd and get it started
$ sudo apt install lxd lxd-client zfsutils-linux && sudo lxd init

# This is in case your user is not in the lxd group already
$ sudo usermod -a -G lxd $USER && newgrp lxd

# From the top of this repo, build Tizonia inside a lxd container.
$ snapcraft cleanbuild --debug

NOTE: the --debug flag is there to drop into a shell inside the container if the build fails. Useful for troubleshooting.



Tizonia's main repo

See tizonia-openmax-il.

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