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  • [2020-06-04] The Snap of Tizonia has now been updated to v0.22.0.

Call For Maintainers

There are lots of users (2500+) that use the Snap of Tizonia regularly and rely on this package to be up-to-date.

Unfortunately, the snap package is taking too much of my time to maintain, given the number of other release tasks that I need to deal with during a normal release cycle of Tizonia.

It would be great if someone from the community decided to step up and contribute with the maintenance of the Tizonia Snap package in this repo. That would allow me to focus a bit more on new features and less on packaging.

It is not a difficult task, it is just a matter of some (free) time.

The document contains some information to get people started. If your are interested, please get in touch!.



Tizonia Snap

A 'snap' package is available for download from the Snap store ('stable' channel). To install, make sure you have snapd installed on your system. Once 'snapd' is available, use this command to install Tizonia:

$ sudo snap install tizonia


To use Spotify, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and the other services, please make sure you introduce your credentials in Tizonia's configuration file (see instructions inside the file for more information):

See :



Tizonia's main repo

See tizonia-openmax-il.


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