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An Open Source Personal Dashboard (rails)
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The Open Dashboard Project

This is an open source personal dashboard written on the Rails web framework. A working version is hosted by ZUMH at I hope this project will grow and prosper as time goes on. Also I hope someone finds this somewhat beneficial, besides myself of course.

Created by Elijah Wilson.


Environment Variables

In config/secrets.yml

  • SECRET_KEY_BASE (production secret key)

In config/production.rb (depreciated as of a99ff93)

  • CDN_BASE (for use with AWS CloudFront for example)
  • FONT_BASE (used with the font_assets gem, and coincidentally because of CloudFront)

In confing/newrelic.yml

  • NEWRELIC_KEY (for use with NewRelic monitoring)


  • Ruby 2.0.0-p594
  • Rails 4.1.6
  • Postgresql

Run locally

Database Setup

When installing gems you may get an error for pg which is the postgresql gem. In order to fix this you need to have postgresql already installed on your machine. On some systems you also may need to install a library to remedy this issue. This is obviously operating system dependant but for example here's what you might do on an ubuntu system:

sudo apt-get install libpq-dev then gem install pg

Make sure you have a user account for postgresql. If you don't or are not sure, run sudo -i -u postgres then createuser --interactive, now create a user with the same username you're using to run rails with. After you're done, quit and run bin/rake db:create and finally bin/rake db:migrate.

Running Server

To run this locally, clone this repository to wherever you like then run bin/rake db:migrate, bin/rails server, then head on over to http://localhost:3000.


Use foreman & unicorn as a server to simulate a production environment. Make sure you have those installed and then run bin/rake db:migrate, foreman start, then head over to http://localhost:3000.


  • GitHub wiki
  • Allow adding/removing modules
    • Not more than one of the same
    • Must have at least one on the page
  • Holidays
    • User able to toggle on/off
    • User set type/location of holidays
    • Off/None set by default
    • Changes the color scheme to compliment the holiday
  • create redirection
    • Using rails render :js doesn't feel right
    • Better/more solid solution needed
  • Compile assets on deploy
    • remove compiled assets from repo
    • add compiled asset dirs to .gitignore

JavaScript Order (dash.min.js)

  • date.min.js
  • time.js
  • codes.min.js
  • weather.js
  • news.js
  • bootstrap-colorpicker.min.js
  • helpers.js
  • modernizr.custom.js
  • classie.js
  • menu.js
  • modules.js
  • jquery-ui.min.js
  • portlets.js
  • send.js
  • stocks.js
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