A Drupal module that integrates with corresponding Daemons to provide git repository management with Drupal's project module.
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Project Git Authentication

This module integrates the project and sshkey modules with the daemons availble at https://github.com/tizzo/Drupal.org-Git-Daemons.

When a project module is created a job is created for one of the Daemons which, in turn, creates a repository at a configurable location using the projects shortname followed by '.git'. It also provides a web service to the SSH Daemon that authenticates a user by their public keys stored in the sshkey module and allows them to access any repository that corresponds to a project for which to acting user is a maintainer over ssh, without having a user account on that system.


Installation instructions

  1. Install the module
  2. Clone the Pheanstalk into this module's directory: `git clone https://github.com/pda/pheanstalk``
  3. Configure the module (if necessary) at admin/settings/project-git-auth
  4. Start the Drupal Git Daemons
  5. Profit!