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8 README.rdoc
@@ -14,9 +14,15 @@ is supported.
Bind to a single file, outputting its path when changed
$ rbind to style.css -e 'puts file.path'
+Bind to glob
+ $ rbind to stylesheets/*.css -e 'puts file.path'
+Bind to ruby glob (allows recursion) note the quotes
+ $ rbind to 'stylesheets/**/*.css' -e 'puts file.path'
Refresh Safari, and Firefox in the background to the uri specified when
style.css or reset.css are modified.
- $ rbind refresh http://localhost/page --files style.css,reset.css --browsers Safari,Firefox
+ $ rbind refresh http://localhost/page --paths style.css,reset.css --browsers Safari,Firefox
Refresh local static html when the style you are working on is modified.
$ rbind refresh examples/demo.html -f style.css -b Safari
1  Todo.rdoc
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
== Major:
+* Native JSpec support
* Allow --paths to have globs ... and dirs test this
* Autotest-like functionality for specs / refactoring
* rbind rake ext:build spec --paths foo,foobar,w/e
2  bin/rbind
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ command :to do |c|
c.description = 'Bind to modification of a file or files within a directory.'
c.example 'Bind to a single file, logging its path when changed', "rbind to style.css -e 'puts file.path'"
c.example 'Bind to a file, and a directory of files', "rbind to stylesheets style.css -e 'puts file.path'"
- c.example 'Run specs when ruby files are modified', "rbind to lib/**/*.rb -e 'system \"rake spec\"'"
+ c.example 'Run specs when ruby files are modified', "rbind to 'lib/**/*.rb' -e 'system \"rake spec\"'"
c.when_called do |args, options|
abort 'invalid option. --eval switch is required in order to perform any action on the bound file(s)' unless options.eval
common_options options
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