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Simple bash CLI benchmarks persisted by your ~/Dropbox.


$ make install
$ make uninstall


Add a bookmark:

$ bm add "tiling background images" design textures

Open it later:

$ bm subtle

Search for design related bookmarks:

cli benchmarks


Usage: bm [options] [cmd]


  # add a bookmark with the given url, description, and optional tags
  $ bm add <url> [desc] [tag...]

  # open the first bookmark matching <query>
  $ bm open <query>
  $ bm <query>

  # search the bookmarks via full-text <query>
  $ bm search <query>

  # list bookmarks available
  $ bm list
  $ bm ls
  $ bm

  # clear all bookmarks
  $ bm clear


   -V, --version   output bm version
   -h, --help      output this help information


Later I'll make it so you can tweak the path, however for now the bookmarks are persisted to ~/Dropbox/bookmarks:

$ cat ~/Dropbox/bookmarks|bookmark management|clean white design|tiling background images|design textures|ui component designs|design ui
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