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CLI bookmarks -- dropbox persisted bookmarks in your terminal - view screenshots in your browser
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Simple bash CLI bookmarks persisted by your ~/Dropbox sporting a webkit2png driven html browser.


$ make install
$ make uninstall


Add a bookmark:

$ bm add "tiling background images" design textures

Open it later:

$ bm subtle

Search for design related bookmarks:

cli bookmarks


Usage: bm [options] [cmd]


  # add a bookmark with the given url, description, and optional tags
  $ bm add <url> [desc] [tag...]

  # open the first bookmark matching <query>
  $ bm open <query>
  $ bm <query>

  # search the bookmarks via full-text <query>
  $ bm search <query>

  # list bookmarks available
  $ bm list
  $ bm ls
  $ bm

  # view bookmark screenshots in your default browser
  $ vm view design
  $ vm view

  # clear all bookmarks
  $ bm clear


   -V, --version   output bm version
   -h, --help      output this help information


Run bm view [query] to view the bookmark screenshots in your default browser. This requires webkit2png(1) (brew install webkit2png).

bookmark screenshots


Later I'll make it so you can tweak the path, however for now the bookmarks are persisted to ~/Dropbox/bookmarks:

$ cat ~/Dropbox/bookmarks|bookmark management|clean white design|tiling background images|design textures|ui component designs|design ui
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