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8566330 @lloyd proposed server organization
lloyd authored
1 Several node.js servers are implemented in this repostiory, each is
2 implemented on top of the [express]( framework
3 and should obey roughly the following directory structure:
5 * `var/` - a demand created directory with ephemeral files generated
6 during the run (keys, logs, etc).
7 * `static/` - files served verbatim without any substitution nor server
8 side logic in them
9 * `lib/` - javascript modules.
10 * `views/` - express views, served before `static/` (if present)
11 * `tests/` - tests written using [vows](
12 * `tests/run.js` - a "run all" script to run all tests
aca5ee7 @lloyd move app.js to the top level
lloyd authored
13 * `app.js` application "entry point", exposes a single function `exports.setup`
14 that takes a handle to an express server as an argument and sets up routes
15 or associates middleware to it.
8566330 @lloyd proposed server organization
lloyd authored
16 * `run.js` - script to run a standalone (production) node.js server - typically bound
17 against a well known localhost port.
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