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Commits on Jul 22, 2011
  1. Updated express to 2.4.3

  2. @lloyd

    don't commit generated resources

    lloyd authored
  3. @lloyd
Commits on Jul 21, 2011
  1. @lloyd

    Merge branch 'production'

    lloyd authored
  2. @lloyd

    verifier now accepts parameters over POST in addition to GET, use of …

    lloyd authored
    …the former is preferred and user identifiable data out of http logs. closes #96
Commits on Jul 20, 2011
  1. @shane-tomlinson
  2. @shane-tomlinson
  3. @shane-tomlinson

    Focus the first input element on screen show.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Very useful for usability.
    issue #92
  4. @shane-tomlinson
  5. @shane-tomlinson
  6. @shane-tomlinson
  7. @shane-tomlinson

    Updating for accessibility.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Adding labels, using more semantic markup.
    issue #92
  8. @lloyd

    remove a debug console.log

    lloyd authored
  9. @lloyd
  10. @lloyd
  11. @lloyd

    basic testing of all db.js apis complete, also completed implementati…

    lloyd authored
    …on of identitysync to check installed pubkeys.
  12. @shane-tomlinson

    Usability updates for the select email.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    Can select buttons using the email address.
    Can move through the email addresses and buttons using the tab/arrow keys.
    close #86
  13. @lloyd
  14. @lloyd

    test adding emails to accounts

    lloyd authored
  15. @shane-tomlinson
  16. @shane-tomlinson
  17. @shane-tomlinson
  18. @shane-tomlinson
  19. @shane-tomlinson

    Adding YUI as the default compression.

    shane-tomlinson authored
    In the steal build script, do concat only, then use YUI compression from to do the actual compression.
  20. @shane-tomlinson
  21. @lloyd

    Merge branch 'master' into db

    lloyd authored
    (resolved) Conflicts:
  22. @lloyd

    whitespace - 2 space indenting

    lloyd authored
  23. @lloyd

    Merge branch 'master' into db

    lloyd authored
    (resolved) Conflicts:
  24. @lloyd

    integrate backwards compatibility routing changes (.html is optional …

    lloyd authored
    …now) into master
    (resolved) Conflicts:
  25. @lloyd

    anchor routing regexs

    lloyd authored
  26. @lloyd
  27. @lloyd

    allow .html suffixes to be provided for now, to not break all of the …

    lloyd authored
    …urls that are out in the world
  28. @lloyd

    consolidate db.checkAuth and db.checkAuthHash - move all bcrypt knowl…

    lloyd authored
    …edge out of the persistence layer
  29. @lloyd
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