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version 1.1-beta2 xx - 2011
. [NEW] All: Code is compatible with ARC (issue #1199)
. [NEW] Node: Added onExitTransitionDidStart (issue #792)
. [NEW] TileMap: supports in-memory TMX map creation (issue #1239)
. [NEW] TileMap: Flipped tiles can be changed during runtime (issue #1264)
. [FIX] Denshion: Background music fades ok (issue #1304)
. [FIX] EAGLView: always destroy and recreate OpenGL buffers completely (issue #1254)
. [FIX] MenuItem: removed warning when deleting item
. [FIX] Node: orderOfArrival is @synthezied correctly (issue #1273)
. [FIX] Node & Sprite: Scale before Skew to prevent issues with negatives scales.
. [FIX] ParticleBatchNode: removeChild error and 'freezing' particles (issue #1316)
. [FIX] Sprite: fixed possible setColor and opacity
. [FIX] Sprite: fixed adding premade sprite hierarchy to batchnode (issue #1217)
. [FIX] TileMap: Fixed a problem with multiple layers and multiple tile sets that could cause TMX maps to not load if rotation is used (issue #1302)
. [FIX] TouchDispatcher: correctly handles addition and removal of handlers when being inside a touch handler (issue #1084, #1139)
. [FIX-MAC] LabelTTF: word wrap works on Mac (issue #1074)
version 1.1-beta 11-Oct-2011
. [NEW] Animation: Added file format. AnimationCache can load animations from file
. [NEW] ccConfig: Removed CC_RETINA_DISPLAY_FILENAME_SUFFIX. Use CCFileUtils API instead
. [NEW] ccConfig: Removed CC_RETINA_DISPLAY_SUPPORT. It is always enabled.
. [NEW] FileUtils: Added iPad / RetinaDisplay extension. To use it, call [CCFileUtils setiPadSuffix:@"-ipad"] or setRetinaDisplaySuffix (issue #1211)
. [NEW] FileUtils: Added xxxFileExistAtPath for iPad and RetinaDisplay resources
. [NEW] Node: improved speed when reordering and adding nodes (integration of reorderSprite branch)
. [NEW] Particles: Added ParticleBatchNode (issue #955)
. [NEW] Sprite: improved speed when reordering and adding sprites (integration of reorderSprite branch)
. [NEW] Scheduler: Added support for delay and repeat (issue #630)
. [NEW] Textures: Added support for RGB888 textures (issue #958)
. [NEW] TileMap: TMX map supports flipped tiles (issue #1233)
. [FIX] TileMap: don't use new sorting for tilemap (issue #1262)
. [FIX] Actions: removed #undef CLAMP (issue #1210)
. [FIX] Actions: Repeat & RepeatForEver work as expected(issue #1247)
. [FIX] Actions: duration is not divided by zero (issue #615)
. [FIX] Actions: Instant actions can be sequenceables (issue #1166)
. [FIX] FileUtils: Loads -hd resources even if the sd resource is not present (issue #1179)
. [FIX] FileUtils: renamed ccRemoveSuffixFromFile to +[CCFileUtils removeSuffixFromFile:];
. [FIX] FileUtils: localized resources can be loaded using fullPathFromRelativePath (issue #1230)
. [FIX] LayerColor: init calls initWithColor:width:height (issue #1226)
. [FIX] Sprite: Debug draw fixed (issue #1069)
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: removeAllChildrenWithCleanup works correctly (issue #1216)
. [FIX] Texture2D: drawAtPoint uses the correct vertices
. [FIX] Texture2D: drawAtPoint, drawInRect disables color state (issue #1222)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Only call set setAcceptsTouchEvents: when OS X >= 10.6 (issue #1225)
version 1.0.1 - 28-July-2011
. [FIX] All: Implicit atomic properties converted to nonatomic
. [FIX] All: Removed deprected code
. [FIX] CCArray: copyWithZone fixed
. [FIX] Director: frames -> totalFrames, and it works as expected. Value is not being reset.
. [FIX] Menu: If any ancestor is invisible, then touches won't be accepted
. [FIX] Node: vertexZ returns points, not "pixels"
. [FIX] LabelTTF: don't crash when calling description after dealloc
. [FIX] Tests: [window release] instead of [window dealloc]
. [FIX] Texture: TextureCache#dump reports the right info (issue #1205)
. [FIX-MAC] CocosDenshion: Cleanup buffers to prevent noise
version 1.0.0 - 13-July-2011
. [NEW] ccpSegmentIntersect & ccpPointIntersect: Added helper functions for ccpLineIntersect (issue #1193)
. [NEW] ccConfig: Added possibility to define the configuration as preprocessor macros
. [NEW] Director: frames is a readonly property
. [NEW] Menu: MenuItemFont can change size and font from instance (issue #1192)
. [NEW] Scheduler: Added isTargetPaused method
. [NEW] Sprite: Debugging draw for texture (issue #879)
. [NEW] Textures: PVR supports NPOT textures
. [FIX] CCArray: ForEach prepends "__" to inner variables to prevent conflict
. [FIX] ccpLineIntersect works as expected. Improved performance (issue #1174, #1193)
. [FIX] cocosLive: fixed memory leak in ScoreServerPost
. [FIX] Director: Added asserts to prevent calling startAnimation twice.
. [FIX] EAGLView: Fixed leak when using multisampling and resizing the layer (issue #1198)
. [FIX] Menu: Column aligment is centered. Removed the +10 pixels padding.
. [FIX] Node: Node#Draw calls super#draw
. [FIX] Tests: Fixed memory leak in ParticleTest
. [FIX] Tests: Fixed memory leak in cocosLiveTest
. [FIX] Tiles: Worked around memory leak in NSXMLParser (issue #1197)
. [FIX] TouchDispatcher: added setPriority (issue #757)
. [FIX] Xcode: cocos2d compiles OK with Xcode 4.2 + llvm 3.0
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to v5.3.5
version 1.0-rc3 - 31-May-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Added SkewTo and SkewBy actions
. [NEW] LabelTTF: Added support for LineBreakMode. Mac only supports Word-Break.
. [NEW] Node / Sprite: Added support for SkewX and SkewY properties
. [NEW] Tests: Added skewX, skewY tests for sprites and actions. Added linebreak tests for LabelTTF.
. [NEW] TextureCache: Added dumpCachedTextureInfo method. Shows the RAM used by the cached textures (issue #1154)
. [FIX] cocosLive: Fixed memory leaks in NSURLConnection
. [FIX] Sprites: DisplayedFrame returns the correct frame (issue #1182)
. [FIX] Templates: Supports spaces in project name (issue #1158)
. [FIX] TextureCache: Textures are autoreleased to prevent a crash in multi-threading environments
. [FIX] TexturePVR: clean glError() before creating textures
. [FIX] TMX Maps: Consume less memory (only what is needed), faster loading times (issue #1175)
. [FIX-MAC] Tests: Added test case for issue #1071
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Doesn't crash when entering fullscreen if window is not Key (issue #1185)
version 1.0-rc2 - 03-May-2011
. [NEW] CCArray: Added reduceMemoryFootprint and reverseObject (issue #1167)
. [NEW] Director: Use small dt when the game is being debugged.
. [NEW] Label: TTF supports new LA88 texture format instead of RGBA8888. A8 is still the default one.
. [NEW] Particles: Added support for ParticleDesigner 1.3.60 (spinning support)
. [NEW] Tests: Added test case for bug 1159
. [FIX] Particles: TTL is always >= 0.
. [FIX] Particles: texture coordinates are being used correctly when texture is NPOT.
. [FIX] Scheduler: Fixed possible crash when unscheduling a sibling (issue #1144)
. [FIX] Templates: Use NS_BLOCK_ASSERTIONS and NDEBUG in Release Mode to remove asserts
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 3 templates fixed. Removed unused files in cocos2d lib. Added missing files from TouchJSON
. [FIX] Templates: ARMv6 devices uses "none" autorotation to improve speed
. [FIX] Templates: Added Xcode 4 "File" templates both for iOS and Mac OS X
. [FIX] Templates: Uses CFBundleIconFiles in Info.plist instead of "Icon Files" (issue #1151)
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 4 templates generates "sub groups"
. [FIX] Templates: Xcode 4 Mac templates include CocosDenshion
. [FIX] TextureAtlas: Render "static" VBO batches between 6~10 % faster (issue #1150)
. [FIX-MAC] Templates: Generates by default an RGBA8 color buffer instead of an RGBA16
version 1.0-rc - 29-Mar-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Added the possibility to create a CCSpawn and CCSequence with an NSArray
. [NEW] CCArray: Added exchangeObject & exchangeObjectAtIndex (issue #1085)
. [NEW] Templates: Added Xcode4 templates for cocos2d, cocos2d+box2d, cocos2d+chipmunk both for iOS and Mac OS X
. [NEW] Templates: Possibility to run the installer from any directory
. [NEW] Tests: Added DirectorTest
. [NEW] Tests: Added Texture2d subtest for an unsupported PVR pixel format
. [NEW] TextureAtlas: added possibility to draw the quads in parts
. [FIX] All: Removed many deprecated methods and classes that were scheduled for removal on v1.0
. [FIX] Actions: Instant, "base" actions, ReverseTime, Spawn and Sequence don't leak memory if actions are reused
. [FIX] ccpLineIntersect: doesn't produce false positives for collisions (issue #962)
. [FIX] Director: convertToUI works OK in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] Documentation: Drawing primitives fixed syntax error (issue #1127)
. [FIX] Documentation: onExit doxystring improved (issue #1135)
. [FIX] MenuItemToggle: Don't scale up if it is pressed several times (issue #948)
. [FIX] ProgressTimer: fixed underflow in setPercentage() (issue #1123)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Only enable default GL states, without disabling them (mitigated issue #1145)
. [FIX] StreakMotion: fixed flicker introduced in v0.99.x (issue #1075)
. [FIX] Templates: Don't generate analyze warnings in Xcode4 (issue #1142)
. [FIX] Xcode: TexturePVR compiles when using cocos2d as an external library (issue #1132)
. [FIX] Xcode: Added SKIP_INSTALL=YES in libraries for Xcode4 (issue #1137)
. [FIX-MAC] All: Code is 64-bit friendly. No more warnings when casting from 64 to 32 bits
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Compiles in Mac when "slow" FPS are selected (issue #1126)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: Fullscreen reuses the OpenGL view.
. [3RD] FontLabel: Fixes issues with wrapping and apostraphes and hyphens (issue #1124)
. [3RD] TouchJSON: Updated to "master" from March, 5 2011 (issue #1128)
. [3RD] uthash / utlist: Updated to version 1.9.3
version 1.0-beta - 01-Mar-2011
. [NEW] Actions: Repeat and RepeatForEver has getter/setter for the inner action (issue #1110)
. [NEW] LayerGradient: Added "compressed interpolation" (default mode) in order to display all graident's colors in any vector
. [NEW-MAC] Added CC_DIRECTOR_INIT(). It is possible to create a Mac Window programatically
. [NEW-MAC] EventDispatcher: Added support for Touch events
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Improved logging
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed excessively large or negative gain values cause distorted audio in the simulator.
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Added guards to prevent memory corruption caused by invalid parameters
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Define some constants for defaults, make const parameter on buffer asynch load method
. [FIX] CCArray: insertObjectAtIndex checks bounds (issue #1121)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed possible crash when purging the TextureCache
. [FIX] Layer: CCMultiplexLayer deprecated. New name is CCLayerMultiplex
. [FIX] Particles: consumes less memory (12 bytes less per particle) and are a bit faster
. [FIX] ProgressTimer: Consumes less memory
. [FIX] RenderTexture: Added possibility to save buffer in any place (issue #1100)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: re-added getUIImageFromBuffer method. Supports RetinaDisplay
. [FIX] Sprite: flipx/flipy don't modify the contentSize (issue #1073)
. [FIX] SpriteFrame: setRect sets pixels too. setRectInPixels sets points too (issue #1088)
. [FIX] Templates: ItunesArtwork renamed to iTunesArtwork (issue #1092)
. [FIX] Templates: HelloWorld -> HelloWorldLayer and other improvements (issue #873)
. [FIX] TextureCache: asyncObject#dealloc uses CCLOGINFO instead of CCLOG (issue #1096)
. [FIX] TiledMap: TMX maps work with zlib compression (Tiled v0.6)
. [FIX-MAC] Director: runLoop enables NSTimers events (issue #1107)
. [FIX-MAC] EventDispatcher: flagsChanged is triggered correctly (issue #1066)
. [FIX-MAC] EventDispatcher: queue & dispatch events are synced (issue #1083)
. [FIX-MAC] LabelTTF: alignment works OK (issue #1073)
. [FIX-MAC] Menu: Menu doesn't hang up with invisible menus (issue #1070)
. [FIX-MAC] Menu: Tracking "touches" works as expected (issue #1114)
. [FIX-MAC] Templates includes AudioToolbox and OpenAL frameworks
version 0.99.5 - 16-Dec-2010
. [NEW] All: small performance improvements in all the code
. [NEW] Layer: Added gradient layer
. [NEW] MenuItem: it also supports class methods
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: added method to load a plist file with a texture file name
. [NEW] Texture: It is possible to use a subclass like MutableTexture without modifying the code
. [NEW-MAC] Added Mac templates
. [NEW-MAC] Added "flagsChanged" keyboard event
. [NEW-MAC] Added support for Fullscreen / window mode
. [NEW-MAC] Added support for AutoScale if the window is resized / fullscreen (EXPERIMENTAL)
. [FIX] All: Misc cleanups in the code
. [FIX] Action: Blink restores doesn't set as invisible the frame when the action is done (issue #1061)
. [FIX] Camera: uses points intead of pixels. Works OK in RetinaDisplay mode (issue #1023)
. [FIX] CCArray: fixed possible crash
. [FIX] Configuration: checks for possible glErrors. Only ask for max samples if iOS >= 4 (issue #1041)
. [FIX] Director: Fixed possible memory leak when popping a scene.
. [FIX] FileUtils: loads .gz / .ccz files correctly in RetinaDisplay mode (issue #1037)
. [FIX] FileUtils: fixed big memory leaks on .ccz inflater
. [FIX] FileUtils: removes -hd suffix if the filename already has it (issue #1040)
. [FIX] Node: udpated doxygen strings regarding default anchorPoint (issue #1049)
. [FIX] Sprite: updateTransform can be overriden (issue #824)
. [FIX] Sprite: Assert if an sprite initialized with a batchnode and it is not using it (issue #1053)
. [FIX] Sprite: correctly overrides setIsRelativeAnchorPoint (issue #1055)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: textureFileName is relative to path (issue #1044)
. [FIX] Particles: QuadParticle uses Points (issue #1057)
. [FIX] Templates: removeStartup compiles (issue #1059)
. [FIX] Texture: PVR with non-square mipmaps generates a warning log in debug mode (issue #1052)
. [FIX-MAC] Display Link thread: async images works as expected. Enabled by default.
. [FIX-MAC] MacGLView: VSync is enabled when the view is loaded from the NIB
. [TEST] Added Glyph Designer test case
. [TEST] Added LayerGradient test
. [TEST-MAC] Added cocos2d icon to Mac tests
. [TEST-MAC] Added EventTest
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Updated to v5.3.4
. [3RD] libpng: don't compile pngtest.c (issue #1058)
version 0.99.5-rc1 - 15-Nov-2010
. [NEW] Director: setProjection calls "updateProjection" delegate if "custom" projection is used
. [NEW] Label: The CCLabelProtocol implements the -(NSString*)string method.
. [NEW] Particles: Added a new type kCCPositionTypeRelative. Useful for "trail" particles. Added Test.
. [NEW] Textures: Added support for pvz.ccz and pvr.gz formats
. [NEW] Textures: TextureCache has a method to test if a texture is already cached (issue #793)
. [NEW] ZipUtils: Added generic functions to uncompress any .gz or .ccz file (issue #1016)
. [FIX] Actions: OrbitCamera doesn't crash on Simulator
. [FIX] CCArray: fastRemoveObjectAtIndex works as expected (issue #1024)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed possible loss of audio on iOS 4.2
. [FIX] config: CC_FONT_LABEL_SUPPORT is again, enabled by default
. [FIX] Configuration: removed main bundle from CCConfiguration (issue #839 issue #773)
. [FIX] Director: projection is doubled in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] DrawingPrimitives: don't modify the buffer in RetinaDisplay (issue #995)
. [FIX] EAGLView: Doesn't crash in multithread environment (re-fixed issue #350)
. [FIX] Label: BMFontLabel simplified loading of atlas. Doesn't use CCFileUtils (issue #1031)
. [FIX] Label: setString copies the string, and not retain it (issue #1034)
. [FIX] Mac: Events are dispatched when CC_DIRECTOR_MAC_USE_DISPLAY_LINK_THREAD is used
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItems can draw its children (issue #458)
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItems positions can be controlled manually (issue #1013)
. [FIX] Menu: Menus uses touch priority kCCMenuTouchPriority (-128) (issue #1033)
. [FIX] Node: convertToAR method fixed (issue #1017)
. [FIX] Node: vertexZ works OK in RetinaDisplay mode
. [FIX] Particles: Improved doxygen documentation (issue #1026)
. [FIX] Particles: centerOfGravity renamed to sourcePosition (issue #1026)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: removed unneeded and dangerous assert in getUIImageAsDataFromBuffer
. [FIX] RenderTexture: fixed important memory leak when saving images
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: improved performance when drawing the batch (issue #824)
. [FIX] SpriteBatchNode: children sprites use the visible property correctly (issue #665)
. [FIX] TextureCache: Improved loading time of cached PVR images (issue #998)
. [FIX] Texture2D: addPVRTCImage: -> addPVRImage: since it also loads non-compressed PVR images
. [FIX] Texture2D: Use 32-bit textures when creating labels on ARM_NEON hardware. Performance improvement.
To enable it, edit ccConfig and set CC_USE_RGBA32_LABELS_ON_NEON_ARCH = 1
. [FIX] Texture2D: Improved creation time of texts. It's not so expensive to create ZFont labels (issue #971)
. [FIX] Tiled: images can be relative to source map (issue #787)
. [FIX] Tiled: TMXLayer checks for correct GID (issue #742)
version 0.99.5-rc0 - 25-Oct-2010
. [NEW] AnimationCache: New class. It deprecates the CCSprite#animation methods (issue #848)
. [NEW] Animation: simplified API. Name is no longer needed. Deprecated API that uses name.
. [NEW] Animation: Animation has its own file: CCAnimation.m
. [NEW] CocosDenshion: Added duration, freq and size queries for buffers
. [NEW] Director: Added "hook" for notifications or any other kind of object like CCNotifications
. [NEW] Director: Added "enableRetinaDisplay:(BOOL)enabled"
. [NEW] EAGLView: Added support for multisampling
. [NEW] EAGLView: Added support sharegroup
. [NEW] Templates: Install HD, iPad and spotlight icons
. [FIX] Blocks: Actions and MenuItems copy the blocks instead of retaining it (issue #1007)
. [FIX] config: CC_FONT_LABEL_SUPPORT is disabled by default since it performs really bad on iOS >= 4.0
. [FIX] Layer: register accelerometer onEnterTransitionDidFinsih (issue #624)
. [FIX] Node: converToNodeSpace works on RetinaDisplay (issue #1000)
. [FIX] Node: all transform methods uses Points instead of Pixels (issue #999)
. [FIX] Node: onEnterTransitionDidFinsih is also called when added a node to a running node (issue #1018)
. [FIX] Node: addChild returns void, and not self in order to simplify the API
. [FIX] Node: Initializes parent_ to nil at init time
. [FIX] Node: Performance improvement in insertChild (issue #909)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: improved performance, improved logic, no more glMaskColor() bugs (issue #1012)
. [FIX] Sprite: setPositionInPixels set to dirty when called (issue #1001)
. [FIX] Templates: Fixed startup flicker (issue #947)
. [FIX] Templates: Installs @2x, iPad and spotlight icons
. [FIX] Tests: Touch Tests works on RetinaDisplay (issue #1000)
. [FIX] Tests: box2d tests work with RetinaDisplay
. [FIX] Transitions: PageTurnTransition re-fixed. No more artifacts. This time is for real (issue #751)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: Using version 5.3.2
version 0.99.5-beta3 23-Sep-2010
. [NEW] RetinaDisplay supported automatically:
Director: winSize returns size in Points. Use winSizeInPixels for pixels
Node: position is in Points. Use positionInPixels for pixles
Node: contentSize is in Points. Use contentSizeInPixels for pixels
Node: boundingBox is in Points. Use boundingBoxInPixels for pixels
Texture2d: contentSize is in Points. Use contentSizeInPixels for pixels
FileUtils: Will try to load the file with the suffix "-hd" if RetinaDisplay is enabled, unless the "-hd" suffix is already present
The following objects were enhanced to work with points:
TMXTileMap, Sprite, SpriteFrame, Node, ParticleSystem, LabelBMFont, LabelTTF, Menu, MenuItem,
ColorLayer, RenderTexture, MotionStreak, Transitions, Actions, LabelAtlas, AtlasNode
and the drawing primitives
The nodes that weren't updated is because there was no need to update them.
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: Added a way to remove from the SpriteFrameCache frames given a dictionary, file or texture (issue #953)
. [FIX] CCArray: improved speed in inserting and deleting elements
. [FIX] ParticleSystem: fixed memory leak when using ParticleDesigner (issue #986)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: creates a POW texture, but this doesn't mean that it should be an squared texture (issue #993)
. [FIX] Templates: Default SDK is 4.1
. [FIX] Texture2d: Fixed possible crash in NPOT PVR images
. [FIX] Texture2d: If Text in context can't be created return nil (prevent possible crash)
. [FIX] Texture2d: Optimized loading time of PVR images
. [FIX] Transitions: PageTurn3D transition has fewer visible artifacts (issue #751)
version 0.99.5-beta2 31-Ago-2010
. [NEW] Actions: files renamed: CCXXXAction.[hm] -> CCActionXXX.[hm]
. [NEW] Actions: Using new naming convetion:
CCInstantAction -> CCActionInstant
CCIntervalAction -> CCActionInterval
CCEaseAction -> CCActionEase
CCCameraAction -> CCActionCamera
. [NEW] Action: CCPropertyAction renamed to CCActionTween
. [NEW] Director: New naming convention: CCnameDirector -> CCDirectorName
. [NEW] Director: DirectorIOS is responsible for swapping buffers
. [NEW] Label: CCLabelAtlas#labelAtlasWithString: -> labelWithString. Old method deprecated
. [NEW] Label: CCBitmapFontAtlas deprecated. Use CCLabelBMFont instead.
. [NEW] Label: CCBitmapFontAtlas#bitmapFontAtlasWithString -> labelWithString. Old method deprecated.
. [NEW] Label: CCLabel renamed to CCLabelTTF
. [NEW] Mac: cocos2d works on Mac. All objects works with the following exceptions:
- CCParticleSystemPoint is not supported. Use CCParticleSystemQuad instead
- CCRenderTexture doesn't save textures to images
- ZLabel (FontLabel) is not supported
- Mmm... probably a bit more.
. [NEW] Particles: New naming convention:
CCPointParticleSystem -> CCParticleSystemPoint
CCQuadParticleSystem -> CCParticleSystemQuad
. [NEW] Transitions: new transition naming convention (issue #946)
. [FIX] Actions: ivars 'duration', 'elapsed', 'tag' now have the '_' suffix in their names.
. [FIX] Artifact fixer is a compile time option in ccConfig. Disabled by default
. [FIX] ccCArray: off-by-1 offset, and lastObject fixed (issue #960 and #961)
. [FIX] ccTypes: using GL types for CC GL structures. Prevents possible errors on 64-bit machines
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Added SDK4.0 compile check in CDAudioManager
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: panning does not work correctly on iOS4 (issue #949)
. [FIX] Director: Works with Fast FPS disabled (issue #954)
. [FIX] Director: it's possible to set a custom projection before setting the openGL view (issue #952)
. [FIX] Label: BitmapFontAtlas supports empty strings (issue #950)
. [FIX] Label: LabelAtlas doesn't crash if the texture file can't be found (issue #965)
. [FIX] Layer: ivars isTouchEnabled / isAccelerometerEnabled have the '_' suffix in their names
. [FIX] Menu: Disabled possible menuItem on onExit (issue #969)
. [FIX] Sprite: little optimization when using BatchNode + children
. [FIX] Templates: Added missing keys in Info.plist (issue #939)
. [FIX] Tools: mkatlas supports artifact removal (issue #549)
. [FIX] Tools: mkatlas supports spaces in the name (issue #618)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to Chipmunk v5.3 and Chipmunk Demos
version 0.99.5-beta 30-Jul-2010 - AKA 'CJ the artifact killer'
. [NEW] BitmapFontAtlas: added support for multilines labels
. [NEW] BitmapFontAtlas: added optional setCString method
. [NEW] Configuration: added a helper method to obtain the iOS version
. [NEW] Texture Atlas & Particles: Uses VBO on ARMv7 and iPhone Simulator.
Uses a vertex array list on ARMv6. Performance improvment.
. [NEW] Sprite: Added support for Zwoptex v1.0 (issue #913)
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: Added support for Zwoptex name aliases (issue #935)
. [NEW] SpriteSheet is deprecatd. Use SpriteBatchNode instead.
. [NEW] Support/ccUtils.h: added new file that contains some useful functions like nextPOT
. [NEW] RenderTexture: default blend function compatible with premultiplied alpha (issue #937)
. [NEW] Tests: Zwoptex Test added
. [NEW] Texture2D: Added support for Non compressed PVR images. New supported formats:
RGBA_8888, BGRA_8888, RGBA_4444, RGBA_5551, RGB_565, A_8, AI_88, I_8
. [NEW] Texture2D: PVR images can be treated as having alpha premultiplied with:
+(void) PVRImagesHavePremultipliedAlpha:(BOOL)
. [FIX] CCArray: conforms to NSCopying protocol (issue #934)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Improved sound interruption code (issue #928)
. [FIX] Particles: Built-in particles use QuadParticles when compiled in ARMv7,
and PointParticles when compiled in ARMv6
. [FIX] Sprites: No artifacts when using spritehsheets (issue #938)
. [FIX] Templates & Tests: call CC_DIRECTOR_END() on AppDelegate Terminate
. [FIX] Templates: Use LLVM-GCC as default compiler
. [FIX] Tests: AtlasTest renamed to LabelTest
. [FIX] Tests: CocosLive Demo: added requestRank tests
. [FIX] TextureCache: JPEG workaround (issue #866) is only applied on iOS >= 4 (issue #932)
. [3RD] libpng: updated to v1.2.44 (libpng is only used by a cocos2d test)
version 0.99.4 - 14-Jul-2010
. [NEW] CocosDenshion: switching between background and foreground music (issue #928)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: fixed memory leak weak reallocing buffers (issue #919)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine's enable works as expected (issue #927)
. [FIX] ccCArray: ccCArrayAppendValueWithResize fixed function signature (issue #926)
. [FIX] Director: 2d projection + HighRes works OK (issue #918)
. [FIX] Director: purgeCachedData doesn't purge the SpriteFrameCache (issue #922)
. [FIX] EAGLView: removed unused 'delegate_' ivar
. [FIX] EAGLView: it is possible to resize the view (issue #914)
. [FIX] EAGLView: projection is recalculated after view is resized (issue #924)
. [FIX] GLES-Render: solid objects' colors synced with box2d repository
. [FIX] Scheduler: Doesn't reschedule already scheduled method. It only updates the interval.
. [FIX] Templates & Tests: added App Delegate foreground & background callbacks
version 0.99.4-rc3 - 01-Jul-2010
. [FIX] All: Import ccCArray instead of ccArray (compiles in case sentive file system)
. [FIX] CCArray: fixed overflow (issue #901)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed bug in CDBufferManager, added test case to FadeToGrey, fixed Info.plist
. [FIX] RenderTexture: works in HiRes mode (issue #898)
. [FIX] Director: Avoid re-scale initial issue (issue #899, issue #350)
. [FIX] Director: convertToUI works as expected (issue #902)
. [FIX] Director: renamed mainLoop -> drawScene
. [FIX] Director: appended '_' to ivars (eg: FPSLabel -> FPSLabel_)
version 0.99.4-rc2 - 24-Jun-2010
. [NEW] CCArray: Internally uses CCARRAY_FOREACH. Improved performance (issue #353)
. [NEW] Templates: BaseSDK 4.0. Deploy OS Target: 3.0
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: compiles with LLVM v1.5
. [FIX] Removed artifacts from PageTurnTransition (issue #751)
. [FIX] Templates: calls Director#purgeCachedData on memory warning
. [FIX] Templates: sets CD_DEBUG=1 in debug configuration
. [FIX] Texture2D: JPEG images are displayed correctly in iOS4 (issue #886)
version 0.99.4-rc - 22-Jun-2010
. [NEW] Director: supports "setContentScaleFactor" (high-res support natively)
. [FIX] Effects: Creates correct color buffer
. [FIX] Director: Sets correctly portrait upside-down orientation
. [FIX] Sprites: flipX/Y works with offsets (issue #732)
. [FIX] Templates: Bundle Version is 1.0 (issue #871)
version 0.99.4-beta - 14-Jun-2010
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine loadBufferFromData method added for loading custom buffer data.
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine channel groups renamed source groups to make function clearer.
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine source groups can be dynamically modified using defineSourceGroups.
. [NEW] CDSoundSource new object oriented sound API
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine added soundSourceForSound method to create CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] CDSoundEngine buffers are automatically increased as needed (no more CD_MAX_BUFFERS)
. [NEW] CDPropertyModifier class for modifying properties such as pitch and gain over time
. [NEW] CDXPropertyModifierAction class for modifying properties such as pitch and gain using cocos2d actions
. [NEW] Convenience methods for fading volume of background music, sound effects and CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] SimpleAudioEngine soundSourceForFile method for creating CDSoundSource objects
. [NEW] SimpleAudioEngine rewrote buffer management code using new CDBufferManager class
. [NEW] CDBufferManager - class for associating buffer ids with a file name
. [NEW] CDAudioManager simplified initialisation. Now by default creates a single source group containing all sources
. [NEW] CDAudioInterruptProtocol - implemented by classes that can be muted or enabled such as CDAudioManager
. [NEW] Mute now works like television mute i.e. audio continues but is silenced use the enabled property to disable sound.
. [NEW] CDAudioTransportProtocol - implemented by classes that can be played, paused, stopped and rewound.
. [NEW] CDAudioInterruptTargetGroup container for objects that implement CDAudioInterruptProtocol so that groups of objects can be set mute/enabled.
. [NEW] CCArray: added high performance array. Used by CCNode, CCSpriteSheet
. [NEW] Director: added support for high-res resolutions
. [NEW] EAGLView: renderer is an object. EAGLView creates a ES1Renderer object (issue #883)
. [NEW] EAGLView: it's possible to create a EAGLView manually, or by using Interface Builder
. [NEW] Particle: QuadParticle supports subrects (issue #870)
. [NEW] TextureCache: Added removeTextureForKey: instance method
. [NEW] Tests: Added PerformanceNodeChildren performance test
. [FIX] Particle: Added support for ParticleDesigner 1.2
. [FIX] Particle: QuadParticle renders the image correctly (not upside-down) (issue #872)
. [FIX] Particle: ParticleSamples are subclass of 'quad' particle and not 'point' particle
. [FIX] Tests: removed ParticleView, AccelViewPortDemo since they were deprecated
. [FIX] Tests: fixed some tests so they look OK on the ipad
. [FIX] Xcode: default family is: iPhone/iPad
version 0.99.3 - 25-May-2010
. [NEW] Animation: added 2 methods to create the Animation without delay (updated samples)
. [NEW] Director: added 'purgeCachedData' method. Should be called on memory-warning event.
. [FIX] ActionManager: Improved API, with better names (issue #835)
. [FIX] Action CCCallFunc: supports class methods (issue #868)
. [FIX] BitmapFontAtlas: Improved loading times (issue #833)
. [FIX] Node: Improved performance when rendering at the cost of 64 bytes more per node (issue #830)
. [FIX] Particle: Kill the particle if timeToLive < 0 before updating it.
. [FIX] Templates: Define DEBUG in Debug configurations
version 0.99.3-rc - 18-May-2010
. [NEW] License: Using MIT license
. [NEW] Node: added removeFromParentAndCleanup:(BOOL) (issue #566)
. [NEW] Particle: Added support for modes: "gravity mode" (old behavior) and "radial movement" mode
. [NEW] Particle: Added support Particle Designer (issue #XXX)
. [NEW] Scheduler: supports pause/resume/'update' with priority (issue #439)
. [FIX] ActionManager: using uthash instead of ccHashSet (easier to use)
. [FIX] Actions: CallFuncND can pass any void ptr, even 0 or 1.
. [FIX] BitmapFontAtlas: using uthash instead of ccHashSet (easier to use)
. [FIX] Grid: Fixed memory leak (issue #853)
. [FIX] Menu: If items are disabled or invisible, touch is not consumed (issues #779, #866)
. [FIX] Particles: Removed unnecesary assert (issue #851)
. [FIX] Particles: QuadParticle works with NPOT textures (issue #863)
. [FIX] Scheduler: Improved performance (issue #492)
. [FIX] Templates: Using uthash instead of ccHashSet (issue #860)
. [FIX] Templates: templates can be installed in user directory (issue #856)
version 0.99.2 - 28-Apr-2010
. [FIX] ActionManager: removeByTag doesn't crash if action is also running (issue #841)
. [FIX] cocos2d/*.m: fixed several memory leaks in cases where initXXX failed (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Director: fixed start-up flicker (issue #350)
. [FIX] EAGLView: If discard-framebuffer is supported and using depthBuffer, then discard it before swapping (SDK4.0 only) (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Grid: simplied code, easier to maintain, added support for flipped textures (part of issue #448)
. [FIX] Sprite/SpriteSheet: reorderChild works as expected when using subchildren (issue #767)
. [FIX] Templates: installer has better error messages and checks the installer conditions in a better way (issue #842)
. [FIX] Xcode: compiles OK with LLVM Compiler SDK 4.0beta2
. [3RD] Box2d: Updatd to SVN r100 (v2.1.2)
version 0.99.2-rc - 15-Apr-2010
. [NEW] Actions: Added blocks actions via PLBlocks: CCCallBlock and CCCallBlockN (issue #699)
. [NEW] Actions: Added CCFollow, an action that follows a CCNode (issue #738)
. [NEW] Actions: Added CCPropertyAction, a generic way to update properties using an action (issue #491)
. [NEW] MenuItem: MenuItems supports blocks via PLBlocks (issue #699)
. [NEW] Texture2D: added support for NPOT textures where available (issue #818)
. [NEW] Templates: file templates for CCLayer, CCNode, CCSprite (issue #XXX)
. [NEW] TMXMaps: added support for per-tile properties (issue #606)
. [NEW] ProfilingTimer: new class to test performance (issue #724)
. [NEW] Xcode: added "build all tests" target (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Box2d: GLES-DebugDraw draws non-solid circles as non-solid circles (issue #831)
. [FIX] Director: FPSLabel uses RGBA4444 texture to reduce possible performance impact (issue #658)
. [FIX] EAGLView: swapBuffers doesn't bind the color buffer. It assumes it is already bound (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Particles: constants stars with kCC (issue #809)
. [FIX] Particles: Asserts if start/end size is <0 or >64
. [FIX] Protocols: CCAnimationProtocol removed. Merged into CCAnimation (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Protocols: CCFrameProtocol removed. Merged into CCSprite (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Ribbon: fixed memory corruption bug (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Ribbon/RenderTexture: use objective-c like ivars (part of issue #733)
. [FIX] Templates: Improved logic in template installer (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] Templates: Generates optimized binaries. ARMv7 binaries have thumb-2 enabled (issue #XXX)
. [FIX] SpriteSheet: Improved doxygen documentation (issue #827)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: logs warning if frame is not found
. [FIX] Xcode: uses optimized binary. ARMv7 binary has thumb-2 enabled (issue #XXX)
. [3RD] Box2d: updated to SVN r91 (v2.1.1)
version 0.99.1 - 19-Mar-2010
. [FIX] Menu: If menu is not visible it doesn't receive touches (issue #88)
. [FIX] Menu: MenuItemLabel restores the scale property (issue #500)
. [FIX] SpriteFrameCache: set singleton to nil when it is purged (issue #814)
. [FIX] Templates: thumb-compilation turned off at project settings (already off in target settings) (issue #772)
. [FIX] Texture2D allocs the right texturememory when using the non-premultiplied alg.(issue #813)
. [FIX] Texture2D supports A8 textures (issue #816)
. [3RD] Libpng: updated to v1.2.43 (libpng is only used by a cocos2d test)
version 0.99.1-rc - 12-Mar-2010
. [NEW] Actions: new added actions: CCProgressTo, CCProgressFromTo (issue #783)
. [NEW] CGPointExtensions: new add functions: CGPointExtension like: clampf, ccpClamp, ccpFromSize,
ccpCompOp, ccpLerp, ccpFuzzyEqual, ccpCompMult, ccpAngleSigned, ccpAngle,
ccpRotateByAngle, ccpLineIntersect (issue #783)
. [NEW] Macros: added CCLOGINFO() and CCLOGERROR(). CCLOGINFO() disabled by default (issue #799)
. [NEW] SpriteFrameCache: added support for Zwoptex Desktop version (issue #812)
. [NEW] TMX: if layer contains cc_vertezx=automatic, tiles will use vertexZ and GL_ALPHA_TEST (issue #780)
. [NEW] TMX: TMXLayer supports Tiled offset property (issue #616)
. [NEW] TMX: Added support for .tsx tilesets (issue #619)
. [NEW] Transition: new added transitions: CCRadialCCWTransition, CCRadialCWTransition (issue #783)
. [FIX] All: cocos2d constants start with kCC. Change is backward compatible (issue #809)
. [FIX] Actions: CCRepeat works smoothly, without jerks (re-fixed issue #390)
. [FIX] Actions: CCAnimate frame calculation is more precise (issue #758)
. [FIX] CocosDenshion: Fixed mute (issue #789)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: removed limit when saving images (issue #782)
. [FIX] RenderTexture: doesn't use GL_DITHER and restores glColorMask() (issue #796)
. [FIX] Sprite, LabelAtlas, TiledMap: opactiy + color works even when the texture is premultiplied (issue #668)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXTileMap supports any kind of objects, like CCSprite (issue #700, #765)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXLayer uses the opacity defined for the layer (issue #785)
. [FIX] TMX: TMXLayer raises exception if it receives the addChild message (issue #808)
. [FIX] Texture2D: removed NSLog when image was NULL (issue #802)
. [FIX] Xcode: hardware requirements in .plist: doesn't contain disabled features (issue #769)
. [3RD] Box2d: udpated to r66 (issue #795)
. [3RD] Chipmunk: updated to v5.2 (issue #784)
version 0.99.0 - 18-Feb-2010
. CocosDenshion: background music can loop (issue #774)
. CocosDenshion: allow audio session category to be changed (issue #775)
. CocosDenshion: can be initialized before cocos2d (issue #777, #773)
version 0.99.0-final - 15-Feb-2010
. Box2d: updated to r58 (issue #494)
. Director: Only send "cleanup" when the scene is replaced (re fixed issue #709)
. CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine incorrectly accessing CDAudioManager (issue #748)
. CocosDenshion: added support for 22Khz OpenAL (issue #594)
. CocosDenshion: fixed wrong error check in CocosDenshion (issue #678)
. CocosDenshion: added shutdown method (issue #688)
. CocosDenshion: allow usage of alBufferDataStatic (issue #753)
. CocosDenshion: added stopAllSounds (issue #756)
. CocosDenshion: fixed small leak in background music file name string (issue #644)
. CocosDenshion: CDAudioManager support for multiple AVAudioPlayers (issue #764)
. Compatiblity: TextureNode is subclass of CCSprite (issue #755)
. Node: only uses bits as bools, when they are not properties (fixed issue #743)
. Node: relativeAnchorPoint renamed to isRelativeAnchorPoint (issue #749)
. Node: improved doxygen string in rotation (issue #761)
. Sprite: use correct blending functions (issue #728)
. Sprite: supports CGImageRef with key (issue #349)
. Sprite: when texture is nil, supports opacity & color (issue #741)
. Sprite: setTextureRect() and setColor() works OK with subchildren (issue #763)
. SpriteFrameCache: removed @syncronized() (issue #663)
. Template: box2d template treats warnings as erros, uses unroll loops for performance (issue #750)
. Template: Info.plist uses UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities (issue #769)
. Tests: SpriteTest uses GL_ALPHA_TEST is zVertex test (issue #XXX)
. TMX: filling empty tiles doesn't crash (issue #740)
. TMX: if compression is not "gzip", abort (tiled 0.4 feature) (issue #XXX)
version 0.99.0-rc - 31-Jan-2010
. Action: Improved CCSequence performance (issue #XXX)
. BitmapFontAtlas: huge performance boost in update/create time (issue #730)
. Box2d: updated to r39 (issue #494)
. Camera: Offset fixed in landscape mode (issue #378)
. Camera: It's possible to orbit around any point (issue #438)
. Camera: Doesn't reset affine matrix (issue #XXX)
. Chipmunk: Using Chipmunk v5.1.0 (issue #664)
. Configuration: added object that knows GL capabilities and other misc stuff (issue #712)
. Director/Particles/Grid: removed hardcoded display size values. Using variable (issue #XXX)
. Director: send "cleanup" message to root scene when it is being replaced (issue #709)
. Effects: works independently of the display resolution (issue #XXX)
. Grid: optimized code. Only call camera.locate if it is dirty (issue #XXX)
. Node: Uses cached Affine matrix to transform the nodes (2 GL calls vs. 5 GL calls) (issue #XXX)
. Node: uses bits instead of bools when compiled with SDK >= 3_0 (issue #726)
. Node: uses "_" suffix for ivars (children_, isRunning_, tag_, etc..) (issue #733)
. Scheduler: removed support of repeats. Postponed for v0.99.1 (rolling back issue #630)
. Singletons: removed @syncronized() since cocos2d is not thread safe (issue #663)
. SpriteSheet: reorder updates descendants. Added test for this case (issue #708)
. Sprite: can create sprite from SpriteSheet. deprecated creation method from SpriteSheet (issue #657)
. Sprite: optimized rendering when using spriteSheet and subchildren (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: flip only flips the texture (not the anchor point and children) (issue #725)
. Templates: Updated to support v0.99, Chipmunk v5.1 and Box2D r39
. Templates: supports custom directory (issue #736)
. Templates: box2d+cocos2d template doesn't generate warnings... well only 2 warnings (issue #739)
. Tests: Works independently of the display resolution
. TextureNode: Removed Node. Superseded by Sprite
. TMXMaps: objectGroup support offsets (issue #689)
. TMXMaps: objectGroup: Simplified object creation. All objects are NSDictionaries. For custom objects, subclass TMXTiledMap (issue #636)
. TMXMaps: groupNamed renamed to objectGroupNamed (issue #XXX)
. TouchDispatcher: StandardTouchHandler returns void (not BOOL). They are executed after the TargetedHandlers (issue #710)
. Xcode: doxygen scripts runs with spaces in subdirectories (issue #684)
version 0.9.0-beta2 - 11-Jan-2010
. Actions: added 2 new instant actions: FlipX and FlipY (counter-rollback of part issue #620)
. Actions: uses FLT_EPSILON constant (issue #701)
. Actions: prevent jerk in Repeat and RepeatForEver (issue #390)
. Actions: RotateTo can be repeated without losing information (issue #705)
. BitmapFontAtlas: doesn't override color when using setString (issue #610)
. Chipmunk: removed compiler warning on chipmunk demo (issue #680)
. CocosLive: added sanity checks on demo (issue #681)
. Director: removed compile warning on DisplayLink director (issue #682)
. Particles: prevent possible memory corruption when autoRemove is ON (issue #703)
. Scheduler: Supports repeat-number-of-times in scheduled selectors (issue #630)
. Sprite: anchor + offset + scale works (issue #671)
. Sprite: can create subclasses with an SpriteFrameName (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: flip works as scale * -1 (issue #690)
. Sprite: easier to subclass. [self init] is called (issue #485)
. Sprite: isFrameDisplayed works OK with offsets (issue #707)
. SpriteFrame: removed support for flipX and flipY (rollback of a part issue #620)
. SpriteFrameCache: If originalSize is not present, display warning (issue #670)
. SpriteSheet: adding grand-children doesn't crash (issue #676)
. SpriteSheet: child and children work OK with negative scales (issue #677)
. SpriteSheet: It is easier to subclass (issue #397)
. Templates: uses rfc1034identifier (issue #685)
. Texture2D: simulator treats pre-multiplied alpha images correctly (issue #697)
. TextureCache: doesn't crash when file not found. log error insted (issue #695)
. TMXTiledMap: added support for object and objectgroup (issue #636)
. TMXTiledMap: TMXLayer and TMXObjectGroup on it's own files (part of issue #636)
. TMXTiledMap: doesn't generate descendants when not necessary (works as fast as in v0.8.2)
. TMXTiledMap: removeChild works without corrupting the tilemap (issue #XXX)
version 0.9.0-beta - 14-Dic-2009
. ActionManager: fixed leak (issue #635)
. Actions: using [self class]. Easier to subclass (issue #655)
. Box2d: updated to r31 (pre 2.1.0) (issue #494)
. Chipmunk: updated to v5.0 (issue #664)
. CocosDenshion: support for detecting ringer/mute switch state (issue #593)
. CocosDenshion: doesn't crash when file has no extension (issue #595)
. ColorLayer: supports Blend Protocol (issue #597)
. Node: vertexZ is translated just once (issue #641)
. Director: call schedulers before glClear in mainLoop (part of issue #533)
. Director: "global" NSBundle to facilitate the integration of more than 1 game (issue #654)
. Particles: code easier to mantain, same performance
. Particles: small performance improvement (issue #661)
. SpriteSheet: supports any level of sub-children (issue #346, issue #665)
. Sprite: supports "honor parent transform" (issue #643)
. Sprite: displayFrame renamed to displayedFrame (issue #XXX)
. Sprite: fixed zwoptex offset & anchorPoint (issue #653)
. Sprite: setDisplayFrame works OK with different texture sizes (issue #666)
. Templates: using SDK 3.0 as base SDK
. Textures: supports mipmap generation (issue #632)
. Texture Atlas: uses VBO instead of vertex array list (issue #581)
. TextureCache: don't use autorelease pool to load images (issue #XXX)
. Tiles: TMX maps supports sub-directories (issue #539)
. Transition: added CrossFadeTransition (issue #646)
version 0.9.0-alpha - 18-Nov-2009
. All: using CC namespace (issue #520)
. All: prevents warnings with Static Analizer (issue #613)
. All: cocos protocols renamed to avoid confusion (part of issue #520)
. All: Added compatibility with v0.8 (part of issue #520)
. Animation: supports duration and reverse (issue #627)
. Tests: Performance Tests re-integrated to main Xcode project (issue #XXX)
. BitmapFontAtlas: works with subdirectories (issue #612)
. Box2d: updated to r26 (pre 2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosLive: Uses CL namespace (part of issue #520)
. CocosLive: Uses ASCII encoder (issue #617)
. Sprite: Sprite and AtlasSprite merged in just one class (issue #620)
. Sprite: AtlasSpriteManager renamed to SpriteSheet (issue #620)
. Sprite: Sprite Frames and animations supports flipx / flipy (issue #620)
. SpriteFrameCache: added an easier way to create animations and sprites (issue #620)
. Templates: updated (part of issue #520 and issue #620)
. Templates: includes cocos2d and CocosDenshion licences files
. TextureMgr: renamed to TextureCache (part of issue #620)
. Xcode: textures files in 1 Xcode group (Texture2d, PVRTexture, TextureAltas, TextureCache)
version 0.8.2 - 19-Oct-2009
. Actions: Animate copy restoreOriginalFrame parameter (issue #602)
. ChipmunkTest: uses new API to set director type (issue #XXX)
. CocosLive: doesn't use deprecated methods (issue #604)
. MenuItem: added isSelected property (issue #601)
. Tests: removed copyrighted fonts (part of issue #596)
version 0.8.2-rc1 - 14-Oct-2009
. Actions: start/stop sets the target (issue #489 and issue #589)
. Actions: Compound actions call "inner" stop (issue #489 and #issue #589)
. Actions: Fixed BezierBy reverse. BezierBy doesn't use startPosition (issue #586)
. Actions: added BezierTo (issue #562)
. Actions: RotateTo uses min distance (issue #584)
. Actions: JumpBy/To uses parabolic function (issue #324)
. BitmapFontAtlas: added limited unicode support (issue #596)
. Director: Rolling back buffer format. Default buffer format is RGB565.
. FontLabel: updates version from git 2009-10-07 (issue #582)
. Particles: FreeMovement uses World-Coordinates (issue #241)
. Tests: Added Particle + Parallax test (part of issue #241)
. TileMap: TMXLayers work without tiles (issue #587)
. TileMap: TMX maps HUGE performance boost (issue #574)
version 0.8.2-rc0 - 5-Oct-2009
. Actions: Added EaseBack family actios (issue #568)
. AtlasSprite: set atlasIndex to invalid on remove (issue #569)
. Box2d: using google code r22 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosNode: Better message error on scale (issue #556)
. Effects: [effect copy] works (issue #573)
. Effects: restore orignal director projection (issue #573)
. Extras: added Joystick / ProximityManager (issue #XXX)
. FontLabel: updates version from git (issue #582)
. Macros: CCLOG uses the "cocos2d:" prefix (issue #XXX)
. Parallax: fixed limit of 5 children (issue #565)
. Templates: works with FontLabel (part of issue #534)
. Templates: added cocos2d+chipmunk template (issue #XXX)
. TextureAtlas: insertQuad fixed signed math (issue #575)
version 0.8.2-beta - 23-Sept-2009
. All: ccConfig.h file added (issue #551)
. Actions: added Ease Elastic actions (issue #530)
. Actions: added Ease Bounce actions (issue #546)
. Actions: added PageTurn3D action (issue #522)
. BitmapFontAtlas: fixed contentSize (issue #536, #538)
. BitmapFontAtlas: fixed offset/width (issue #537)
. BitmapFontAtlas: only supports Latin 1 chars (issue #517)
. Box2d: using google code r21 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: muted property in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #526)
. CocosDenshion: added preloadBackgroundMusic and willBackgroundMusicPlay to SimpleAudioEngine (issue #545)
. CocosNode: improved doxygen documentation (issue #XXX)
. CocosNode: added boundingBox method (issue #528)
. Director: added convertToUI and renamed convertCoordinate to convertToGL (issue #531)
. Director: fixed 2 leaks on Director#end (issue #524)
. Director: Added a threaded FastDirector (issue #560)
. Director: Added a CADisplayLink Director (issue #560)
. Director: buffer default pixel format is RGBA_8888
. Documentation: doxygen builds OK when there are spaces in the path (issue #540)
. Label / Texture2D: Supports any .ttf via FontLabel (issue #534)
. LabelAtlas: works with 256 different chars (issue #516)
. RenderTexture: added RenderTexture test (issue #191)
. Resources: improved directory structure (issue #552)
. Template: using removeUnusedTextures (issue #550)
. TileMap: TMX supports multiple tilesets (1 tileset per layer) (issue #510)
. TileMap: TMX raises expection if map is not encoded and/or gzipped (issue #559)
. Transition: ease actions can be overriden (issue #548)
. Transition: added PageTurnTransition (issue #522)
version 0.8.1 - 26-Ago-2009
. ActionManager: doesn't delete running actions (issue #481)
. Box2d: using google code r10 (pre v2.1.0) (issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: resumeBackground music (issue #513)
. MultiplexLayer: removes child using cleanup:YES (issue #466)
. Particles: no negative size (issue #514)
. Resources: added new cocos2d logos (issue #521)
. Template: added Icon.png and Default.png (part of issue #469)
. Texture2D: using CCLOG instead of NSLog+#ifdef (issue #519)
version 0.8.1-rc - 19-Ago-2009
. All: Using nonatomic properties (issue #509)
. ActionManager: fixed crash (issue #490)
. Actions: RotateTo always rotates to shortest angle fix (issue #499)
. Box2d: using google code r8 (issue #494)
. Box2d: added box2dTestBed (part of issue #494)
. CocosDenshion: correct channel in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #465)
. CocosDenshion: update buffer status after deletion ( issue #486)
. CocosDenshion: SimpleAudioEngine can stop sounds (issue #498)
. Parallax: update children at draw (issue #471)
. TileMap: TMX maps starts at 0,0 position (part of issue #462)
. TileMap: TMX getter/setters works OK with async maps (issue #506)
. TileMap: anchorPoint works OK (issue #508)
. Xcode: COCOS2D_DEBUG used instead of DEBUG (issue #507)
version 0.8.1-beta - 10-Ago-2009
. BitmapFontAtlas: .png image can be in subfolders (issue #464)
. Box2d: possibility to call world.DrawDebugData() from draw (issue #493)
. Box2d: updated box2d repository. using r228 (issue #494)
. CocosNode: parent is set to nil only after calling onExit (issue #476)
. CocosNode: added user data (issue #482)
. CocosLive: added support to request current ranking (issue #495)
. MotionStreak: moved from experimental to stable. uses v0.8 API (issue #484)
. MotionStreak: by default uses GL_SRC_ALPHA blend function (issue #405)
. ParticleView: integrated Particle visual editor (issue #480)
. Parallax: more precise absolute coords (issue #471)
. RenderTexture: let's you render CocosNode objects into a texture (issue #XXX)
. Template: added Xcode cocos2d Template (issue #469)
. TextureMgr: Async reuses EAGL context (issue #472)
. tools: added script (issue #483)
. TiledMap: Added support for the TMX format: iso, ortho and hex maps (issue #462)
. TouchDispatcher: don't dispatch empty touches (issue #468)
version 0.8 - 27-Jul-2009
. Action: Speed#stop calls other's stop (issue #460)
. BitmapFontAtlas: opacity and color work as expected (issue #463)
. CocosNode: setRelativeAnchorPoint error (issue #461)
. Director: convertCoordinate roundoff error (issue #453)
version 0.8-rc2 - 21-Jul-2009
. Actions: Repeat repeats OK (issue #424)
. Actions: Prevents division by 0 when duration==0 (issue #452)
. ActionManager: 5% increase in performance (issue #451)
. CocosDenshion: fixed clicking on looped waves sounds (issue #440)
. CocosDenshion: Added properties in SimpleAudioEngine (issue #454)
. CocosLive: using the deprecated CString API (issue #441)
. CocosLive: send-score object can be reused (issue #417)
. CocosNode: children is an explicit "property" (issue #411)
. CocosNode: relativeTransformAnchor -> relativeAnchorPoint (part of issue #303)
. ColorLayer: uses floats instead of ints for its size (issue #339)
. ColorLayer: updates contentSize when when size is used (issue #443)
. Demos: added basic template to start new projects (issue #447)
. Director: FastDirector with fast events or not at compile time (issue #449)
. FileUtils: Absolute paths are not converted (issue #352)
. Menu: MenuItems works with anchorPoint correctly (issue #412)
. Menu: ItemLabel disabled color is configurable. color is saved (issue #366)
. Particle: VBO update only the needed particles (issue #367)
. TextureMgr: new (and recommended) way to add CGImages (issue #349)
. TouchDispatcher: retains/releases the delegates (issue #422)
. Transitions: Fixed artifacts in Slide transitions (issue #442)
version 0.8-rc - 13-Jul-2009
. ActionManager: actions logic were removed from CocosNode (issue #437)
. Actions/Scheduler: the 1st time a Timer or Action is fired, is with dt=0 (issue #429)
. Actions: CallFuncND doesn't leak if reused (issue #336)
. AtlasSpriteManager: fixed blend function (part of issue #125)
. AtlasSprite: render in subpixel by default (issue #414, issue #399)
. BitmapFontAtlas: opacity and color are applied (issue #425)
. BitmapFontAtlas: cache the configuration. FASTER loading times (issue #382)
. CocosDenshion: improvements (issues #415, #431, #432, #433)
. CocosNode: RGBA protocol setColor new API (issue #273)
. CocosNode: removeAllChildren unschedules the timers correctly (issue #435)
. Director: added isPaused property (issue #375)
. Director: fixed memory leak in FPSLabel (issue #370)
. Layer: possibility to hook / unkook touches/Accelerometer in runtime (issue #164)
. ParallaxNode: uses world coordinates (issue #373)
. Particles: support for auto-remove-on-finish (issue #385)
. Scheduler: it's possible to scale the time (issue #236)
. Scheduler: removed unused API (issue #427)
. Scheduler: Added a way to remove all scheduled Timers (issue #421)
. Tests: ParticleTest tests 'free' and 'grouped' emitter (part of issue #241)
. TextureMgr: supports loading images asynchronously (issue #420)
version 0.8-beta - 17-Jun-2009
. Actions: Added BezierBy action (issue #313)
. Actions: improved performance when running Actions (issue #301)
. Actions: fixed Repeat skipping when duration not an integer (issue #394)
. All: removed deprecated classes/methods (issue #326)
. AtlasSprite: supports flipX and flipY properties (issue #343)
. BitmapFontAtlas: new features (issue #317)
. box2d: Integrated box2d physics engine (issue #406)
. CocosDenshion: new sound engine in experimental (issue #407)
. CocosNode: actions don't retain the target (issue #150)
. CocosNode: support real openGL Z vertex (issue #355)
. CocosNode: faster transforming of local/world coordinates (issue #263)
. CocosNode: anchorPoint uses normalized coords (0,0) to (1,1) (issue #303)
. Director: supports PortraitUpsideDown and Right orientation (issue #351)
. LabelAtlas: don't render in subpixel (issue #135)
. Menu: All MenuItems supports CocosNodeRGBA protocol (issue #347)
. Menu: Support for BitmapFontAtlas (or any other Label) (issue #365)
. Menu: Support for Sprite and AtlasSprite (or any other CocosNodeRGBA node) (issue #383)
. ParallaxNode: parallax code refactored (issue #358)
. Particles: Added QuadParticleSystem. renamed ParticleSystem to PointParticleSystem (issue #245)
. Particles: added support for endSize and endSizeVar (issue #241)
. Particles: added support for start/end/var spinning (issue #335)
. Particles: support for World/Local coordinates (issue #241)
. Primitives: added bezier path support (issue #380)
. Tests: Added PerformanceParticleTest (issue #331)
. Tests: Added TouchTest (issue #211, #402)
. Texture2D: new alias/antialias API (issue #226)
. Texture2D: supports 16-bit textures RGB4 and RGB5A1 (issue #356)
. Texture2D: blending mode varies according to texture (issue #125)
. Texture2D: Supports images up to 1024x1024. Assert if bigger (issue #396)
. TextureAtlas: uses interleaved vertex array (issue #359)
. TextureMgr: added method that removes unused textures (issue #117)
. Transition: onEnterTransitionDidFinsih added. OnExit and onEnter only once (issue #172)
. Types: types follows OpenGL "standards" (issue #360)
. Touch Events: support for Targeted touches (issue #211)
. Touch Events: menu uses new touch dispatcher (issue #362)
. Touch Events: supports priority (issue #307)
. Xcode: fixed compile error when keyboard registry is enabled (issue #387)
version 0.7.3 - 18-May-2009
. Actions: Sequence works when 1st action is an InstantAction. InstantActions are reversible (issue #348)
. CocosLive: Demo shows world rankings (issue #342)
. Director: "new" Fast Director. Attach/Detach, auto-lock, SDK 3.0 works (issue #145, #issue #239, issue #340)
. Texture2D: supports 16-bit textures RGB4 and RGB5A1 (issue #356)
. Support: CGPointExtension compatible with c++ (issue #369)
version 0.7.2 - 23-Apr-2009
. All: removed chipmunk macros. using CG macros (issue #290)
. Actions: Added TintTo and TintBy (issue #204)
. AtlasSprite: don't overwrite index 0 (issue #283)
. AtlasSprite: Supports Z-order (issue #275)
. AtlasSprite & Sprite: don't auto center sprite when setting frame (issue #281)
. AtlasSprite: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. AtlasSpriteManager: supports transformations (issue #308)
. AtlasSpriteManager: fixes in removeChild (issue #296)
. AtlasSpriteManager: works with capacity=1 (issue #305)
. CocosNode: CocosNodeExtras merged into CocosNode (issue #292)
. CocosNode: improved runAction/stopAction (issue #300)
. CocosNode: possible memory leak when running actions (issue #298)
. CocosNode: dont execute an already running action (issue #299)
. CocosNode: children referring to deallocated parent (issue #297)
. CocosNode: fixed "already scheduled exception" (issue #251)
. CocosNode: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. Demos: AtlasSprite with z-order (issue #275)
. Demos: ParticleDemo uses touches to move the center of the emitter (issue #138)
. Demos: organized tests folder (issue #280)
. Demos: Atlas and Sprites uses TintBy and TintTo (issue #204)
. Demos: Menu shows how to use padding / dynamic toggle items (part of issue #249, issue #224)
. Demos: added drawing primitives excample (part of issue #322)
. Director: Attach uses 'bounds' not 'frame' (issue #233)
. Director: runWithScene / end doesn't crash/leak anymore (issue #325)
. Director / Transitions: pushScene with Transitions works (issue #267)
. Documentation: API doc documents free functions (issue #314)
. Menu: an empty menu can be crated (issue #277)
. Menu: align supports padding (issue #249)
. Menu: align takes into account scale (issue #248)
. Menu: MenuToggleItem supports add/remove items in runtime (issue #224)
. Particles: Use by default fire.pvr (issue #276)
. Particles: resetSystem actually resets the system (issue #252)
. Particles: texture is a property (issue #282)
. Particles: colors and vertices in 1 VBO (issue #246)
. Primitives: deprecated all functions. New functions uses CGPoint (issue #322)
. Scheduler: improved timer performance (issue #309)
. SoundSupport: supports vorbis codec (issue #321)
. ccArray: a fast alternative to NSMutableArray (issue #304)
. TextureAtlas: fixed colorarray memory leak (issue #272)
. TextureAtlas: support for insert,remove,reorder (issue #275)
. TextureAtlas: free indices correctly when out of memory (issue #293)
. TextureAtlas: resizeCapacity returns BOOL instead of raise exception (issue #294)
. TextureAtlas: prevent crash when not enough memory while allocating color (issue #295)
. TextureNode: texture is "retain" not "assign" (issue #230 and issue #274)
. TileMapAtlas: supports fullpath (issue #220)
. TileMapAtlas: don't render in subpixels (issue #135)
. Xcode project: added class model (issue #312)
version 0.7.1 - 20-Mar-2009
. Actions: added tags to actions (issue #222)
. Actions: Spawns can be Speeded (issue #257)
. Actions: Speed can be altered in runtime (part of issue #236)
. AtlasSprite: Sprite sheet implementation (issue #238)
. Chipmunk: cpVect is defined as a CGPoint (issue #260)
. CocosNode: Camera is lazy alloced (issue #94)
. CocosNode: addChild, removeChild:cleanup, getChildByTag family functions (issue #253)
. CocosNode: added better comments, cleanup code (issue #219)
. CocosNode: added RGB protocol: Atlas,Texture & ColorLayer conforms it (issue #234)
. CocosNode: fixed memory leak when removeAndStop a node with children with actions (issue #254)
. CocosNode: added transform local to world coordinates that supports rotation,scale & position (issue #207)
. CocosNode: removed scale ivar (issue #231)
. CocosNode: improved handling of nil parameters (issue #262)
. CocosLive: filter by device id (issue #223)
. CocosLive: category is UTF8'ized (issue #227)
. CocosLive: using cc_playername instead of usr_playername (issue #242)
. CocosLive: supports "update score" (issue #250)
. Demos: added performance test (issue #243)
. Director: FastDirector doesn't leak autoreleased objects (issue #221)
. Director: prevents calling startAnimation twice in a row (issue #215)
. Menu: can be aligned in columns / rows. Updated menu example (issue #206)
. Menu: MenuItem supports LabelAtlas (issue #235)
. Menu: MenuItemFont fixed memory leak (issue #232)
. Menu: MenuItem improved hit testing (issue #214)
. Scheduler: if signature is not correct Assert (issue #218)
. Sprite: correct transform anchor point (issue #216)
. TextureAtlas: support for texture2D (issue #161)
. Tools: Added perf-test results (issue #243)
version 0.7.0 - 19-Feb-2009
. Action: elapsed is a property (issue #203)
. Actions: EaseIn/Out added. Cubic/Quad removed (issue #195)
. Atlas: Fixed black line (issue #135 and issue #47)
. Atlas: Works when GL_CULL_FACE is enabled (issue #179)
. Atlas: updateAltasValues renamed to updateAtlasValues (issue #198)
. CocosLive: added client and example that uses the CocosLive service (issue #175)
. CocosNode: children is a property (issue #185)
. CocosNode: rotate before scale (issue #217)
. Demos: Creating Window and attaching cocos2d to it (issue #180)
. Demos: Texture2dDemo shows how to load PVR images and PVR Mipmap images (issue #112)
. Demos: Added AttachDemo (issue #180)
. Demos: Added EffectsDemo and EffectsAdvancedDemo (issue #183)
. Director: OpenGLview is attached to a given UIView/UIWindow (issue #180)
. Director: winSize returns a CGSize (not a CGRect) (issue #159)
. Director: added FastDirector (issue #145)
. Director: dispatch missing events in main loop (issue #146)
. Director: renamed runScene with runWithScene (issue #194)
. Director: SignificantTimeChange fixed (issue #6)
. Effects: Added Effects support (Grid and TiledGrid) (issue #183)
. Effects: Basic: StopGrid, ReuseGrid (issue #183)
. Effects: Grid: Waves3D, FlipX3D, FlipY3D, Lens3D, Ripple3D, Liquid, Shaky3D, Waves
Twirl (issue #183)
. Effects: Tiled: ShakyTiles3D, ShatteredTiles3D, ShuffleTiles, FadeOutTRTiles, FadeOutBLTiles,
FadeOutUpTiles, FadeOutDownTiles, TurnOffTiles, WavesTiles3D, JumpTiles3D
SplitRows, SplitCols (issue #183)
. Experimental: Added StreakDemo (issue #171)
. Menu: aligItemsVerticallyOld removed. (issue #196)
. MenuItemFont: can be changed in runtime (issue #202)
. MenuItemFont: assign correct size and documented isEnabled (issue #132)
. Particle: Buffers updated on update (issue #163)
. Sprite: initWithPVRTCFile is deprecated. will be removed in v0.8 (issue #197)
. Texture: Support for full PVRTC (issue #112)
. Texture: Easier to set Alias and/or AntiAlias texture parameters (issue #135 and issue #47)
. TileMapAtlas: it is readable / writeable now (issue #200)
. Transitions: added new Effects transitions
SplitRowsTransition, SplitColsTransition, TurnOffTilesTransition,
FadeTRTransition, FadeBLTransition, FadeUpTransition, FadeDownTransition (issue #187)
. Xcode: treat warnings as errors (issue #201)
version 0.6.3 - 28-Jan-2009
. Actions: ScaleTo & ScaleBy supports X and Y factors (issue #156)
. Actions: Added collections of Ease Actions (issue #157)
. Chipmunk: cpFlaot is a float, not a double (issue #130)
. CocosNode: fixed absolutePosition (issue #140)
. CocosNode: unschedule timers only when running (issue #142)
. CocosNode: prevents crash under certain circumstances while executing actions (issue #141)
. Demos: Added Texture2dDemo example (issue #169)
. Demos: SpritesDemo has an improved Accelerate example (issue #168)
. Demos: ParticlesDemo has the Rain Particle example (issue #136)
. Demos: Added EaseDemo showing all the ease capabilities (issue #158)
. Director: allow cleanup when deallocing the director (issue #144)
. Director: avoid useless GL commands when displaying FPS (issue #162)
. Director: possibility to change the DepthBuffer size (issue #160)
. Label: possibility to create Label without dimensions and aligment (issue #154)
. Menu: MenuItemToggle supports assigning the selectedIndex (issue #152)
. Menu: aligment takes into account if status bar is present (issue #131)
. MenuItem: improved compiler warning (issue #147)
. Misc: added 'f' to numbers so they are floats, not doubles (issue #130)
. Particles: added ParticleRain (issue #136)
. Particles: center of emitter can be moved independently from position (issue #138)
. Sprites: fixed possible memory leaks (issue #139)
. Texture2D: prevent allocating more memory than needed (issue #154)
. TextureMgr: supports directories withing the image name (issue #151)
. TileMapAtlas: fixed bug when using TGA files (issue #124)
. TileMapAtlas: supports up to 255 chars (issue #153)
version 0.6.2 - 24-Dec-2008
. Actions: Accelerate & Speed ratios can be modified at runtime (issue #127)
. CocosNode: added absolutePosition (issue #9 & issue #122)
. CocosNode: tag is propagated when adding children (issue #118)
. CocosNode: change change z-order at runtime (issue #59)
. Demos: Chipmunk_Accel supports multiple touches (issue #129)
. Demos: fixed typo in MenuTest (issue #111)
. Demos: shows how to set multiple Touches and other options (issue #116)
. Director: Touches work fast again (issue #126)
. License: removed "GNU LGPL" from sources files (issue #115)
. License: fixed grammar errors (issue #120)
. Sprite & Animation: can be created from Texture2D, updated SpriteDemo example (issue #113)
. TextureMgr: Avois duplicate cache (issue #121)
. Transitions: FadeTransition supports variable color. Updated TransitionsDemo (issue #129)
version 0.6.1 - 08-Dec-2008
. Documentation: Generation of doc fixes (issue #105)
. Primitives: drawLine prototype fixed (issue #103)
. Xcode: all projects have "thumb compilation" turned off (issue #104)
version 0.6.0 - 05-Dec-2008
. Actions: Sequences of Repeats fixes (issue #80)
. Actions: Added RepeatForEver. Added example in SpritesDemo example (issue #93)
. Actions: Repeat can be reversed (issue #92)
. Actions: Memory leaks detected by static analyzer. (issue #90)
. CocosNode: added support for Parallax scroller. Created ParallaxDemo example (issue #89)
. CocosNode: removed deprecated 'named' methods (issue #91)
. CocosNode: lazy allocations with timers, children & actions (issue #94)
. CocosNode: added removeAndStop, removeAndStopByTag and removeAndStopAll (issue #101)
. Demos: fixed memory leaks in AnchorDemo, SpritesDemo and RotateWorld (related to issue #90)
. Director: propagation of Touch events can be stopped (issue #96)
. Documentation: properties are documented (issue #100)
. Menu: conforms to CocosNodeSize protocol (issue #99)
. Menu: support both vertical & horizontal alignment (issue #97)
. Menu: added MenuItemToggle (issue #83)
. Particle: Added ParticleSnow (issue #102)
. Texture2D: creates the textures with clamp to edge and mag filter to linear (issue #95)
version 0.5.3 - 18-Nov-2008
. Actions: Repeat fixes (issue #81)
. CocosNode: added numberOfRunningActions (issue #72)
. CocosNode: removeAll fixes (issue #74)
. CocosNode: stopAction fix (issue #82)
. CocosNode: supports flipX and flipY (issue #53)
. CocosNode: supports scaleX and scaleY (issue #54)
. Layer: isTouchEnabled, isAccelerometerEnabled are properties (issue #70)
. Menu: supports CocosNodeOpacity protocol (issue #76)
. MultiplexLayer: added switchToAndReleaseMe (issue #71)
. OpenGLSupport: performance improvements (issue #84)
. Particles: ParticleCount is a property (issue #68)
. Texture2D: images & RGBA8 fixes (issue #86)
. TextureMgr: Simulator supports PVRTC images (issue #75)
. TextureMgr: removeTexture fixed (issue #85)
. TextureMgr: supports CGImageRef (issue #87)
. TileMapAtlas: supports TGA RLE format (issue #38)
version 0.5.2 - 04-Nov-2008
. All: assign [super init] to self (issue #61)
. Documentation: Add AUTHORS file with the cocos2d's contributors (issue #62)
. CocosNode: added tags (getByTag, removeByTag) (issue #52)
. CocosNode: fixed big memory leak (issue #67)
. Director: able to remove event enabled nodes (issue #56)
. Director: can be hidden / unhidden (issue #55)
. License: Explicit paragraphs that allows cocos2d + closed source projects (issue #57)
. MenuItemImage: able to modify inner sprites (issue #58)
. OpenGLSupport: added PowerVR Texture Compression (PVRTC) format support (issue #66)
. Transitions: don't flicker (issue #60)
version 0.5.1 - 20-Oct-2008
. Actions: Animation has restoreOriginalFrame argument (issue #46)
. Actions: CallFunc retains target (issue #42)
. AtlasNode: renders some artifacts (partially fixed issue #47)
. Demos: Updated Chipmunks demos (issue #43)
. Demos: Elasticity fixed in Chipmunk_Accel (issue #45)
. Director: fps_images.png consumes much less texture memory (issue #49)
. Documentation: included LICENSE.artwork (issue #51)
. LabelAtlas: works with NxM size images (issue #50)
. MenuItem: supports enable/disable (issue #22)
. Particle system: exports more variables (issue #48)
version 0.5.0 - 05-Oct-2008
. Actions: copy protocol fixed on some actions (issue #27)
. Chipmunk: using newest version from svn (issue #34)
. CocosNode: Nodes not being dealloced with active actions (issue #25)
. CocosNode: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Demo: added test/example of the new Atlas feature (issue #40)
. Director: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Director: Display FPS are rendered 10 times per second (issue #37)
. LabelAtlas: Fast render update Label (issue #36) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. MenuItem: sending correct 'self' as argument (issue #19)
. Misc: improved cocos2d icon and default image (issue #33)
. TextureAtlas: Object to render indexed vertex arrays from 1 texture (issue #32) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TileMapAtlas: Tile Map renderer (issue #35) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TextureMgr: added removeAllTextures (issue #31)
. Scheduler: retain arguments (issue #28)
. Scheduler: passes correct delta time (issue #26)
. Sprite: replaced xxxFromFile with xxxWithFile (issue #39) (*API_CHANGED*)
version 0.4.3 - 19-Sept-2008
. Demo: AccelViewPort using code without the VirtualAccelerometer
. Demo: TransitionDemo shows the 6 new transitions
. Demo: Updated Icon.png & Default.png files
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont are 3 pixels heigher.
. Transitions: all Flip transitions have orientation: Left<->Right, Up<-->Down (6 new transitions)
version 0.4.2 - 10-Sept-2008
. Action: FadeOut reverse fixed
. Demo: AnchorDemo using back, restart, forward arrows
. MenuItem: callback receives the sender as its argument (issue 14)
. Particles: added initWithTotalParticles method.
. Transitions: Fixed HUGE memory leak
. Transitions: Timing fix. Slide transitions don't show "black" space
version 0.4.1 - 08-Sept-2008
. Actions: commented an NSLog()
. CocosNode: added removeAll (by Codemattic)
. CocosNode: implementation file reorganized
. CocosNode: added stopAction method (to remove just 1 one action)
. CocosNode: sanity check when removing actions
. Demo: ClickAndMove demo working again (issue 12)
. Demo: SpritesDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: TransitionsDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: ParticleDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Director: added eventsEnabled. You can enable/disabled touch events globally (eg: Transitions want this feature)
. Director: implementation file reorganized
. Director: drawScene renamed to mainLoop
. Director: FPS are shown in the very bottom-left corner
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipXTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipYTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipAngularTransition transition.
version 0.4.0 - 30-Ago-2008
. CocosNode: private methods are private
. CocosNode: stop renamed to stopAllActions
. CocosNode: children does not use a auxiliar array (by Codemattic)
. Director: private methods are private
. Menu: removed setOffsetY
. Menu: can be positioned like any other CocosNode using the position property
. MenuItem: renamed to MenuItemFont
. MenuItem: added MenuItemImage
. MenuItem: uses target/selector, not receiver/selector
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont restore scale to 1.0 after being invoked (by Codemattic)
. MenuItem: can be positioned on runtime.
. TextureNode: renamed setR:g:b: to setRGB:::
version 0.3.3 - 23-Ago-2008
. Action: Added CallFuncND. Like CallFuncN but accepts data
. CocosNode: actions can schedule actions [FIXED CRASH]
. CocosNode: added default capacity to actions, children, & schedulers
. CocosNode: relativeTrasnformAnchor is property
. CocosNode: childrenAnchor removed (It wasn't working and it wasn't very useful)
. CocosNode: negative z-order working
. Demos: removed playgroud
. Demos: added AnchorDemo
. Demos: removed unused code from MenuTest
. Demos: removed TcpAccelClient (deprecated)
. Demos: AccelViewPort using VirtualAccelerometer
. Director: fixed memory leak. First scene wasn't released
. Director: fixed issue #6. Delta Time is never negative, and if a "Significant Time Change" is present, then DeltaTime will be 0.
version 0.3.2 - 14-Ago-2008
. Action: Animate was using the wrong index. Possible crash fixed
. ColorLayer: added support to change width & height at runtime
. Demos: IntervalDemo using relative path for file
. Demos: added filter to TcpAccelClient & Chipmunk_Accel demos (by Brian Hammond)
. Director: propagates TouchEvents to all registered layers
. Misc: Removed sound support. Not part of cocos2d
. Misc: Moved OpenGLSupport inside the cocos2d directory. cocos2d.h includes OpenGLSupport headers
. Misc: added getCocos2dVersion() function
. Particles: It was (mistakenly) using Z coordinate
. Sprite: added setDisplayFrame selector
version 0.3.1 - 30-Jul-2008
. All: methods that receives target/selector, are named:Target selector (unified API)
. All: added "cocos2d.h". applications should only import this file.
. Demos: added resume/pause to application
. Demos: chipmunk_accel is frame independent
. Demos: added IntervalDemo demo. Shows how to uses interval timers, and how pause/resume works
. Demos: removed JumpingSisters demo
. Demos: new Default.png
. Director: when paused don't consume CPU. Only renders the screen at 4 FPS.
. Particles: don't uses draw to update, uses scheduled step. (pause/resume works)
. Scheduler: added interval timers
. Transitions: they don't flickr (bug introduced in v0.3.0)
. Types: created ccTime type (float or double) used to calculate delta time
. Types: older types have the prefix "cc" (cocos)
version 0.3.0 - 27-Jul-2008
. Actions: they are not cloned. If you want to reuse them, clone them manually using the method 'copy'
. Actions: CallFunc, CallFuncN using performSelector instead of NSInvocator
. Actions: added CallFuncN action. First argument is the target node
. Core: Using own scheduler to schedule timers/etc.
. Demos: Added OrbitCamera demo in SpritesDemo project
. Director: can initialize the view with pixel format RGBA8 or RGB565 (default)
. Director: if in landscape mode, tells the application to be in landscape mode too
. Director: landscape mode is LEFT again, since "Touch fighter" (apple game) uses left landscape
. Director: setFPS, FPS renamed to setDisplayFPS, displayFPS
. Director: added pause/resume support
. Label: supports changing it's string
. Menu: added support for y-offset
. MenuItem: font size and font name are customizables
. MenuItems: doesn't have "artifacts"
. Texture Node: Added FadeIn/FadeOut support
. Texture Node: Added transform anchor support
. Texture Node: Added color suppport
. Texture Node: Added new cocos2d node. Base class of Sprite and Label
version 0.2.1 - 21-Jul-2008
. Director: landscape can be RIGHT or LEFT (at compile time)
. Director: proxies touchesCancelled
. Particle System: added smoke particle.
. Particle System: fire example improved.
. Particle System: supports for additive and blend colors
. Particle System: splited in 2 files: particle.[hm] and ParticleSystems.[hm]
. Particle System: doesn't iterate over dead particles
. Particle System: fire.png uses white color, so "blend" mode works ok. fire.png is smaller (less resources)
version 0.2 - 5-Jul-2008
. Replaced CGPoint with chipmunk's vector (cpVect) in CocosNode
. Added particle system.
. Built-in systems: Fire, Fireworks, Sun, Galaxy, Flower, Meteor, Spiral, Explosion
. supports: system duration, paticle duration, gravity, radial, tangential, color, size, texture, direction, spread (all of them with its variation)
. added support to display FPS
version 0.1 - 25-jun-2008:
. renamed MoveBy:actionWithDuration:delta to MoveBy:actionWithDuration:position
. added Animation, Animate classes to animates sprites
. removed box2d and related stuff to box2d
. added and ported Chipmunk Demo
. added primitives like drawCircle(), drawPoly(), drawLine(), drawPoint()
. moved all main.c and other tests files to tests/
. moved plists, sounds and images to Resources/
. removed unused images
. Using only one plist file in Resources
. cocos2d-port renamed to trunk
. Imported code from Assembla
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