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version 0.5.2 - 04-Nov-2008
. All: assign [super init] to self (issue #61)
. Documentation: Add AUTHORS file with the cocos2d's contributors (issue #62)
. CocosNode: added tags (getByTag, removeByTag) (issue #52)
. CocosNode: fixed big memory leak (issue #67)
. Director: able to remove event enabled nodes (issue #56)
. Director: can be hidden / unhidden (issue #55)
. License: Explicit paragraphs that allows cocos2d + closed source projects (issue #57)
. MenuItemImage: able to modify inner sprites (issue #58)
. OpenGLSupport: added PowerVR Texture Compression (PVRTC) format support (issue #66)
. Transitions: don't flicker (issue #60)
version 0.5.1 - 20-Oct-2008
. Actions: Animation has restoreOriginalFrame argument (issue #46)
. Actions: CallFunc retains target (issue #42)
. AtlasNode: renders some artifacts (partially fixed issue #47)
. Demos: Updated Chipmunks demos (issue #43)
. Demos: Elasticity fixed in Chipmunk_Accel (issue #45)
. Director: fps_images.png consumes much less texture memory (issue #49)
. Documentation: included LICENSE.artwork (issue #51)
. LabelAtlas: works with NxM size images (issue #50)
. MenuItem: supports enable/disable (issue #22)
. Particle system: exports more variables (issue #48)
version 0.5.0 - 05-Oct-2008
. Actions: copy protocol fixed on some actions (issue #27)
. Chipmunk: using newest version from svn (issue #34)
. CocosNode: Nodes not being dealloced with active actions (issue #25)
. CocosNode: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Demo: added test/example of the new Atlas feature (issue #40)
. Director: Doxygen API reference fixed (issue #29)
. Director: Display FPS are rendered 10 times per second (issue #37)
. LabelAtlas: Fast render update Label (issue #36) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. MenuItem: sending correct 'self' as argument (issue #19)
. Misc: improved cocos2d icon and default image (issue #33)
. TextureAtlas: Object to render indexed vertex arrays from 1 texture (issue #32) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TileMapAtlas: Tile Map renderer (issue #35) (*NEW_FEATURE*)
. TextureMgr: added removeAllTextures (issue #31)
. Scheduler: retain arguments (issue #28)
. Scheduler: passes correct delta time (issue #26)
. Sprite: replaced xxxFromFile with xxxWithFile (issue #39) (*API_CHANGED*)
version 0.4.3 - 19-Sept-2008
. Demo: AccelViewPort using code without the VirtualAccelerometer
. Demo: TransitionDemo shows the 6 new transitions
. Demo: Updated Icon.png & Default.png files
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont are 3 pixels heigher.
. Transitions: all Flip transitions have orientation: Left<->Right, Up<-->Down (6 new transitions)
version 0.4.2 - 10-Sept-2008
. Action: FadeOut reverse fixed
. Demo: AnchorDemo using back, restart, forward arrows
. MenuItem: callback receives the sender as its argument (issue 14)
. Particles: added initWithTotalParticles method.
. Transitions: Fixed HUGE memory leak
. Transitions: Timing fix. Slide transitions don't show "black" space
version 0.4.1 - 08-Sept-2008
. Actions: commented an NSLog()
. CocosNode: added removeAll (by Codemattic)
. CocosNode: implementation file reorganized
. CocosNode: added stopAction method (to remove just 1 one action)
. CocosNode: sanity check when removing actions
. Demo: ClickAndMove demo working again (issue 12)
. Demo: SpritesDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: TransitionsDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Demo: ParticleDemo using back, restart & forward arrows
. Director: added eventsEnabled. You can enable/disabled touch events globally (eg: Transitions want this feature)
. Director: implementation file reorganized
. Director: drawScene renamed to mainLoop
. Director: FPS are shown in the very bottom-left corner
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipXTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipYTransition transition.
. Transitions: Added new ZoomFlipAngularTransition transition.
version 0.4.0 - 30-Ago-2008
. CocosNode: private methods are private
. CocosNode: stop renamed to stopAllActions
. CocosNode: children does not use a auxiliar array (by Codemattic)
. Director: private methods are private
. Menu: removed setOffsetY
. Menu: can be positioned like any other CocosNode using the position property
. MenuItem: renamed to MenuItemFont
. MenuItem: added MenuItemImage
. MenuItem: uses target/selector, not receiver/selector
. MenuItem: MenuItemFont restore scale to 1.0 after being invoked (by Codemattic)
. MenuItem: can be positioned on runtime.
. TextureNode: renamed setR:g:b: to setRGB:::
version 0.3.3 - 23-Ago-2008
. Action: Added CallFuncND. Like CallFuncN but accepts data
. CocosNode: actions can schedule actions [FIXED CRASH]
. CocosNode: added default capacity to actions, children, & schedulers
. CocosNode: relativeTrasnformAnchor is property
. CocosNode: childrenAnchor removed (It wasn't working and it wasn't very useful)
. CocosNode: negative z-order working
. Demos: removed playgroud
. Demos: added AnchorDemo
. Demos: removed unused code from MenuTest
. Demos: removed TcpAccelClient (deprecated)
. Demos: AccelViewPort using VirtualAccelerometer
. Director: fixed memory leak. First scene wasn't released
. Director: fixed issue #6. Delta Time is never negative, and if a "Significant Time Change" is present, then DeltaTime will be 0.
version 0.3.2 - 14-Ago-2008
. Action: Animate was using the wrong index. Possible crash fixed
. ColorLayer: added support to change width & height at runtime
. Demos: IntervalDemo using relative path for file
. Demos: added filter to TcpAccelClient & Chipmunk_Accel demos (by Brian Hammond)
. Director: propagates TouchEvents to all registered layers
. Misc: Removed sound support. Not part of cocos2d
. Misc: Moved OpenGLSupport inside the cocos2d directory. cocos2d.h includes OpenGLSupport headers
. Misc: added getCocos2dVersion() function
. Particles: It was (mistakenly) using Z coordinate
. Sprite: added setDisplayFrame selector
version 0.3.1 - 30-Jul-2008
. All: methods that receives target/selector, are named:Target selector (unified API)
. All: added "cocos2d.h". applications should only import this file.
. Demos: added resume/pause to application
. Demos: chipmunk_accel is frame independent
. Demos: added IntervalDemo demo. Shows how to uses interval timers, and how pause/resume works
. Demos: removed JumpingSisters demo
. Demos: new Default.png
. Director: when paused don't consume CPU. Only renders the screen at 4 FPS.
. Particles: don't uses draw to update, uses scheduled step. (pause/resume works)
. Scheduler: added interval timers
. Transitions: they don't flickr (bug introduced in v0.3.0)
. Types: created ccTime type (float or double) used to calculate delta time
. Types: older types have the prefix "cc" (cocos)
version 0.3.0 - 27-Jul-2008
. Actions: they are not cloned. If you want to reuse them, clone them manually using the method 'copy'
. Actions: CallFunc, CallFuncN using performSelector instead of NSInvocator
. Actions: added CallFuncN action. First argument is the target node
. Core: Using own scheduler to schedule timers/etc.
. Demos: Added OrbitCamera demo in SpritesDemo project
. Director: can initialize the view with pixel format RGBA8 or RGB565 (default)
. Director: if in landscape mode, tells the application to be in landscape mode too
. Director: landscape mode is LEFT again, since "Touch fighter" (apple game) uses left landscape
. Director: setFPS, FPS renamed to setDisplayFPS, displayFPS
. Director: added pause/resume support
. Label: supports changing it's string
. Menu: added support for y-offset
. MenuItem: font size and font name are customizables
. MenuItems: doesn't have "artifacts"
. Texture Node: Added FadeIn/FadeOut support
. Texture Node: Added transform anchor support
. Texture Node: Added color suppport
. Texture Node: Added new cocos2d node. Base class of Sprite and Label
version 0.2.1 - 21-Jul-2008
. Director: landscape can be RIGHT or LEFT (at compile time)
. Director: proxies touchesCancelled
. Particle System: added smoke particle.
. Particle System: fire example improved.
. Particle System: supports for additive and blend colors
. Particle System: splited in 2 files: particle.[hm] and ParticleSystems.[hm]
. Particle System: doesn't iterate over dead particles
. Particle System: fire.png uses white color, so "blend" mode works ok. fire.png is smaller (less resources)
version 0.2 - 5-Jul-2008
. Replaced CGPoint with chipmunk's vector (cpVect) in CocosNode
. Added particle system.
. Built-in systems: Fire, Fireworks, Sun, Galaxy, Flower, Meteor, Spiral, Explosion
. supports: system duration, paticle duration, gravity, radial, tangential, color, size, texture, direction, spread (all of them with its variation)
. added support to display FPS
version 0.1 - 25-jun-2008:
. renamed MoveBy:actionWithDuration:delta to MoveBy:actionWithDuration:position
. added Animation, Animate classes to animates sprites
. removed box2d and related stuff to box2d
. added and ported Chipmunk Demo
. added primitives like drawCircle(), drawPoly(), drawLine(), drawPoint()
. moved all main.c and other tests files to tests/
. moved plists, sounds and images to Resources/
. removed unused images
. Using only one plist file in Resources
. cocos2d-port renamed to trunk
. Imported code from Assembla
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