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connect-redis should listen the error event. #34

jerem opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Otherwise node_redis will not try to reconnect to the redis server.


As it's configured, out of the box (unless I'm missing something) connect-redis will crash your node instance when you restart redis.

Can you update the basic example to include whatever code is needed to handle a redis crash? Have you considered giving retry logic to connect-redis with backoff, etc? Or making lazy connections to redis on an as needed basis? Most distributed systems assume a faulty network and crashy servers.

Thanks for a cool middleware!


+1 @ozten, app gets crashed after Redis disconnect + reconnect (connect-redis@1.4.6). Normally Redis client has a reconnect ability, not sure why connect-redis does not reconnect. See this gist discussion for possible solution.


ok. I will look into this tomorrow.


Closing this, node_redis will auto-reconnect when a disconnect occurs. If it doesn't, that's an issue with node_redis (connect-redis isn't doing anything special here). 2.1.0 is using latest redis.

@wavded wavded closed this

Investigated this a while ago; FWIW node-redis reconnects quite well as long as you explicitly listen to its error event (this was pretty undocumented back then).

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