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Better handling of syncronous exceptions #83

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This forces all errors thrown by consolidate.js to be asynchronous and passed to the callback properly. This simplifies the API usage since it means that:

  1. Errors are always guaranteed to be observable (unlike when fromStringRenderer is used in the current implementation).
  2. You only have to handle errors in one place because you know they will always be passed to the callback.

We also ensure that we only call the callback once. By wrapping error handling up in a helper method, the code is also a little bit cleaner.

tj commented

hmm the diff is crazy, needs a rebase i think


Hmm, yes, I've resubmitted with a better diff. Most of the libraries have been changed though, so the diff is pretty huge (but it's not 'dump everything and start again')

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Commits on Jan 6, 2013
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