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Updated paginate Helper for usage in Rails 3 #33

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I was having issues with the Paginate helper as is in Rails 3 where it was specifying the @template instance variable and should have been referencing controller instead. Perhaps it was a Rails 2-ism, but regardless, I've fixed that issue in the first commit. If it was that way for a reason, perhaps the following might be better:

template = @template || controller
uri = options[:uri] || template.url_for(template.params.merge(options[:params] || {}))

Otherwise, that change is good.

As well, I've updated the Helper to allow overriding of the uri used for pagination. I won't always want the controller.url_for when paginating.

@kyledrake kyledrake merged commit a9d4225 into tj:master
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  1. +1 −1  lib/dm-pager/helpers/rails.rb
2  lib/dm-pager/helpers/rails.rb
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ module DataMapper::Pagination::Helpers::Rails
# :size Number of intermediate page number links to be shown; Defaults to 7
def paginate collection, options = {}
- uri = @template.url_for @template.params.merge(options[:params] || {})
+ uri = options[:uri] || controller.url_for(controller.params.merge(options[:params] || {}))
collection.pager.to_html uri, options
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