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Dox is a JavaScript documentation generator written for node.

Dox is a 2 hour product of my frustration with documentation generators. I wanted something that could parse my JavaScript using markdown and JSDoc tags, an easy to use executable, as well as a single deployment file, no external css or js, one file!


  • Supports JSDoc
  • Markdown bodies
  • Custom title / description
  • Simple CLI dox
  • Single file generated
  • Generated navigation menu
  • Linked function definitions with references
  • Syntax highlighting


Install from npm:

$ npm install dox

Install from git clone or tarball:

$ make install

Usage Examples

Simple example:

$ dox --title Connect lib/connect/index.js

Lots of files:

$ dox --title Connect --desc "markdown _here_" $(file lib/* -type f) > docs.html


Output from --help:

Usage: dox [options] <file ...>

  -t, --title      Project title
  -d, --desc       Project description (markdown)
  -s, --style      Document style, available: ["default"]
  -J, --no-jsdoc   Disable jsdoc parsing (coverts to markdown)
  -p, --private    Output private code in documentation
  -h, --help       Display help information