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spmason commented Apr 8, 2011

I noticed that this wasn't working, so amended the regex slightly to fix it.

I also noticed that part is var'd twice in the same function, so removed the second instance.


spmason commented Apr 8, 2011

Looks like this is a duplicate of #34, though that might be against an earlier version of the code, and mine looks simpler (not sure if that's a good or bad thing?)

I like this fix better than the one I committed, in fact after reading mine again I think I must have been on cough medacine when I wrote it. I want to write some test cases for this event and get back to this cus I think your fix is the right one.



tj commented Mar 16, 2013

ewww tabs haha, needs a rebase

Olical commented Apr 6, 2013

It would be nice to have this merged in. I'm having to swap all indentation to run my documentation script at the moment.

evindor commented Jul 10, 2014


@evindor evindor closed this Jul 10, 2014
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