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@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@ $ brew install git-extras
- `git gh-pages`
- `git setup`
- `git touch`
+ - `git obliterate`
- `git feature`
- `git refactor`
- `git bug`
@@ -506,6 +507,14 @@ Set up a git repository (if one doesn't exist), add all files, and make an initi
Call `touch` on the given file, and add it to the current index. One-step creation of new files.
+## git-obliterate [filename]
+Completely remove a file from the repository, including past commits and tags.
+git obliterate secrets.json
## git-local-commits
List all commits on the local branch that have not yet been sent to origin. Any additional arguments will be passed directly to git log.

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