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Use (void) for a function taking no arguments - fix gcc -Wstrict-prot…

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1 parent 224584c commit 9322dd17240d32574d0cab91432d068cd58b24de @jedisct1 jedisct1 committed with bnoordhuis Nov 10, 2011
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@@ -730,7 +730,7 @@ UV_EXTERN int uv_tty_set_mode(uv_tty_t*, int mode);
* To be called when the program exits. Resets TTY settings to default
* values for the next process to take over.
-UV_EXTERN void uv_tty_reset_mode();
+UV_EXTERN void uv_tty_reset_mode(void);
* Gets the current Window size. On success zero is returned.

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