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Add an option to reflect passed log to console (turned off by default) #5

Arech opened this Issue · 2 comments

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That would ease debugging when it is convenient to log data into stream and to console at the same time.

change log.js:23 var Log = exports = module.exports = function Log(level, stream, bReflectToConsole){
then add a following line after assigning of : this.reflect2console = ( === process.stdout ? false : !!bReflectToConsole);

refactor log function in log.js:146 to

log: function(levelStr, msg) {
    if (exports[levelStr] <= this.level) {
        var s = '[' + new Date().toUTCString() + ']'
            + ' ' + levelStr
            + ' ' + msg; '\n');
        if (this.reflect2console) console.log(s);
tj commented

why not have stream: process.stdout in development?


Because you will lose all stdout as soon as you close terminal, but you won't lose a log file. Console logging is only supplemental feature for file logging, for use "with", not "instead".

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