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this makes manuals easier to _write_, _reuse_, and
+ ![markdown man page](
## Usage
Usage: mad <file>
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$ make uninstall
-## Example
+## About
- `mad(1)` uses madpages itself, take a look with `mad --help`.
- Parsed and piped through `less(1)` you have paging and search
- benefits of `less(1)` with the easy of writing markdown man pages
- and nice readable output.
+ I _love_ man pages, however they are annoying to write by hand,
+ and often converted from markdown documentation. Also `man` in my
+ opinion does a poor job of displaying the information, the whitespace
+ makes them difficult to read. `mad(1)` is effectively the idea, but
+ write your manuals in markdown like you would anyway, re-use them
+ in your github readmes, wikis, or use markdown to HTML conversion
+ tools.
- ![markdown man page](
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