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mongroup is a wrapper for mon. It allows you to create easily monitor a group of processes.


make install


(mkdir /tmp/mongroup && cd /tmp/mongroup && curl -L# | tar zx --strip 1 && make install)


Usage: mongroup [options] [command]


	-c, --config <path>  set config path. defaults to ./mongroup.conf
	-V, --version        output program version
	-h, --help           output help information


	start [app]          start [app] or all apps
	restart [app]        restart [app] or all apps
	stop [app]           stops [app] or all apps
	status               shows the status of all running apps
	log [app]            tail the [app]'s log or all apps
	logf [app]           tail -f the [app]'s log or all apps
	update               update mongroup to the latest version

Config File

A config file lets you define what process you want to run in your mongroup. It also lets you set the directories for where your pids and logs are stored. Here is an example config file:

	pids = /var/run/
	logs = /var/log/
	on-error = ./alert error
	on-restart = ./alert restart
	web = node server 8001
	web2 = node server 8002
	redis = redis-server

Failure Hooks

Mongroup leverages mon(1)'s --on-error <cmd> and --on-restart <cmd> flags to facilitate reporting and alerting. For example here's a simple non-useful node script outputting to stdio:

#!/usr/bin/env node




[ 'node',
  '58119' ]