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Missing requirements / unsupported platforms #151

einfallstoll opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Since you're using Shell, this doesn't work on Windows.
It would be great to have some requirements in the README (or unsupported platforms).

It's ok to not run on Windows, but please note it somewhere.


+1 It would be awesome to get this working on Windows


windows support would amount to a full re-write of the script. I think this would essentially constitute a fork. A n-win fork would be pretty cool :)

@tjwebb tjwebb added the limitation label

If anyone wants to take this on, I'd consider accepting a PR into this project for Windows platform support.


Probably worth mentioning that it doesnt run on Windows in the readme as it seems no body writing a blog post about n bothers to mention it either.

@knownasilya knownasilya referenced this issue from a commit in knownasilya/n
@knownasilya knownasilya Add note about not working on windows
Addresses concerns raised in #151
@maxrimue maxrimue closed this
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