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Hey TJ,

Completely up to you mate, but I've added this into my local version of the n script so I can include the n specific bin folder into my path environment in console init scripts, like so:

export NODE_VERSION=`/usr/local/bin/n --active`
export PATH=/usr/local/n/versions/$NODE_VERSION/bin:$PATH

I know it really doesn't do much, as once I understood what you were doing with n it was simple enough to replicate without using the n --active flag:

export NODE_VERSION=`/usr/local/bin/node --version`
export PATH=/usr/local/n/versions/${NODE_VERSION#v}/bin:$PATH



tj commented Jul 24, 2012

how does that differ from node --version?

After leaving this a day TJ, I agree, it's not different enough to warrant a change to the script. I'm better off writing a quick gist or something to demonstrate how to use the ${NODE_VERSION#v} as you did within the n script to update the binary path to suit the current version of n...

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