Would love to use this but I'm a NodeJS/Express/Connect virgin #137

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Is there a simple way to use nib without having to know NodeJS/Express/Connect?

Either way, could I request a screenr screencast on installation from scratch?

Yeah seriously, I've been trying to figure this out for the greater part of this day. So far I've studied NodeJS, ExpressJS, ConnectJS, and have created applications specifically designed to enable nib to no avail.

Too hard for people to pick up. Off to Compass with me. Sucks too because stylus/nib looked really nice.


tj commented Oct 23, 2012

you don't need connect or express, just stylus to use nib. It would be a similar case if someone who was a Ruby noob tried to use those tools. I used to have a simple web one set up on nodejitsu's service that you just POST to but I think that is gone now

Please for the love of God help me figure out how to use Stylus + nib efficiently.

I am a Ruby noob and I've already figured out how to set up a project with Compass and watch files for changes and grab extensions, etc. but it's so, so, ugly.... :(

i think there should be instructions somewhere, and maybe i'm doing it wrong, but this is how i do it:

npm install -g stylus nib


  stylus -u nib styles/styles.styl -o ./public/styles


@import 'nib'


doing make build should compile styles.styl to public/styles/styles.css

2 things. How do you create a makefile? Is it literally a file? What filename?
How can I "watch" a directory with your method?

okay well, that Makefile part is optional. just running the command stylus -u nib styles/styles.styl -o ./public/styles should work. But the Makefile is literally just a file called Makefile. This is assuming you're on UNIX.

Just adding a -w should work for watching

stylus -w -u nib styles/styles.styl -o ./public/styles

jonathanong you're a hero! Thank you!

npm install -g stylus nib
stylus -u nib -w

Works perfect! Adios crappy SASS 💃

Looks like this one can be closed. :-)


slang800 commented Oct 3, 2014

thanks @DavidOliver

slang800 closed this Oct 3, 2014

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