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prevent notifications from piling up in Gnome #25

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String thing in Fedora (Gnome shell) this only works if image attribute is also set.

var notify = require('growl')
notify('a', { name: 'a', title:' b', image: 'c'})

=> Okay

var notify = require('growl')
notify('a', { name: 'a', title:' b')

Fail? Why?


This is not proper JS Object Notation (JSON)

var notify = require('growl')
notify('a', { name: 'a', title:' b' )

You need a closing bracket:

var notify = require('growl')
notify('a', { name: 'a', title:' b' } )

@DubbyTT Oops forgot that bracket. I am using that bracket. I am seeing a notification but it will not dissappear from system tray unless I add property image


@alfredwesterveld when you use the 'image' tag you need a path to your image. Grab this test image and follow my example: Put this in the same folder with your test script and name it test.png If you use a different image make it 48px x 48px or it will be resized by Growl.

// test.js
var growl = require('./lib/growl');
growl('message', { name: 'app name', title: 'message title', image: './test.png' } );

Run as node test.js

Produces the following notification:

Here is where you can adjust the default duration of your notification: (note that it will hang out forever if you hover over it after it pops up)

BTW: I've made this modification to my growl library to automatically register new applications on windows:

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Commits on Oct 22, 2012
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  1. +2 −0  lib/growl.js
2  lib/growl.js
@@ -165,6 +165,8 @@ function growl(msg, options, fn) {
case 'Linux':
args.push(cmd.icon + " " + image);
+ // libnotify defaults to sticky, set a hint for transient notifications
+ if (!options.sticky) args.push('--hint=int:transient:1');
case 'Windows':
args.push(cmd.icon + quote(image));
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