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Sets the proper flags to register a new application in Growl on Windows if is set, as well, registers an event called node-growl. (In case the application already exists.)

This is preferential for some themes like Smokestack, which put the application name as the center-piece, where before it showed "Growlnotify" as it was the default you can now have LESS, JSHint.. etc providing better feedback.

Example Smokestack notification

@visionmedia Hey, just wondering if you noticed this

If you had, my bad!

Works great! Thanks :)

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jbnicolai commented Sep 10, 2014

Would be happy to merge this if rebased against the current master.

itsjamie commented Apr 1, 2015

I don't have any need for this anymore. If someone else wants to rebase against master and resubmit feel free.

@jbnicolai jbnicolai closed this Jul 5, 2015

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