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tybenz commented Mar 8, 2013

Terminal-notifier and growlnotify for windows are the only ones that supports this outright.

Also, growlnotify 2 supports it with a --url option. But that would require a way to detect whether v1.3 or v2 is installed.

Any ideas on how to do that? Not sure what the best practices are for nodejs scripts.

I was thinking I could write a method that would call growlnotify -v as a child process and parse its output to differentiate between v1.3 and v2.

Note: growlnotify 2 only works with Growl 2.0 and newer, which is a paid app :(

@jbnicolai jbnicolai closed this in cb913b5 Sep 9, 2014


jbnicolai commented Sep 9, 2014

Thanks a lot for this pull-request! I've rebased it on top of the current master, resolved merge conflicts and squashed the two commits together.

What you suggest for detecting growlnotify version would work, but is indeed quite convoluted. I'm afraid there's no easier way though. A PR doing so would be welcomed :)

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